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Manual to body
"Инструкция к телу" Книга, автор lee

 Manual To Your Body



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   “A Manual to Your Body” is a detailed instruction to your health and longevity. How do you regard your body? Is it a result of evolution to you? Or something that could be influenced outwardly? Are you its author or not?


   Reading this book through, you'll get the chance to know your real self in your physical form. Moreover, you'll be able to create your body in your image and likeness that you deem ideal ones. “A Manual to Your Body” destroys myths about the human organism that many centuries predominated in the human society.




Author's note


Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Beginning of the Body

Beginning of the Game


Chapter 3 Immortality


Chapter 4


Chapter 5. Organs of the body, or Vibratory process of the bodily creation

How do you create your organs

Chakras as the foundation of your endocrinal system

Energy channels of your body

Connection of the body with the outer world

Summing up all the information about yourselves


Chapter 6

How it all started, or How the science “fainted”

The truth about medical treatment, or The lies you believe in


Chapter 7 Nutrition

The real content of food that used to be overlooked

The best food without dogmas and wild guesses


Chapter 8

An ideal diet, or Hell with all diets!

Moral/ethical and vibratory aspects of food


Chapter 9. Magic at your kitchen, or The best recipes of all times and peoples


Chapter 10

Breaking the hellish circle

Welcome to the circles of Paradise!


Chapter 11

Your organism is an ideally balanced system

How do you start unbalancing your bodily chemistry

How your mind creates an illness


Chapter 12

A brief history of the issue

Upside down, or Who is guilty?


Chapter 13

Your awareness of the real causes of an illness

Basic principles of health


Chapter 14

Get to the root

“Miracles” of nocebo and placebo


Chapter 15

How does your mind make problems to your body

special cases


Chapter 16

All is recorded

How to be eternally young


Chapter 17

Time is the “child” of your mind, and no more

Your eyesight is in your hands

Change-of-perception practices


Chapter 18

Thoughts and emotions creating your body

Are you ready to take responsibility?


Chapter 19

Release from hypnosis

How to create your new body right now


Chapter 20

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