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Frequency Forecast from lee for December 2023

December promises to be an extremely intense month. Solar activity, Earth activity and human activity

In December we will be working through old cycles at an accelerated rate. Something like going through all the old life lessons in turbo drive. Everything on the inside which was unfinished and what we are yet  unconscious of will be brought out to the surface. And then there will be movement through these cyclical processes, as if climbing up the steps of personal evolution. In one month, you are going to meet with every life experience that you have put aside for later in your perception.

прогноз от lee на декабрь 2023 года

Everything that has not being forgiven will appeal to be forgiven. All the grievances that you have been hiding will appear before your eyes. All the difficulties that made you back off will arise again so that you can overcome them.

And it is, really, not a matter of external issues or new difficulties. Rather, what is inside of you will be reflected outwardly so that this time you can part with what no longer serves you. What is hidden from you will become visible. And this will give you the opportunity to observe yourself in wholeness.

Every day something hidden will come to light and demand your attention. When this happens, tell yourself honestly: “Yes, here I feel fear and admit it, here I feel my weakness and admit it, here I feel guilt and admit this condition, here I cannot forgive another and admit it, here I feel anger, powerlessness, despair... and I recognize all this as part of my personality’s settings.”

And who is admitting all of it?

Only the one who is looking from above, the one who sees and does not hide. Admitting will free you from these things, because they will no longer be able to stab you on the sly at the most inopportune moment.

Once you admit what you have been hiding from yourself, you will step away from the unconscious influence of your programming. You will experience the wholeness and support of your I Am in going further and getting inspirations on a level which is completely new to you. It will feel as if you have always lived in a basement, and now you moved into a house with large windows standing on a hill. Wherever you look, now a wide perspective is open to you.

Intensive processing of old programs will give you direction not only for redefining your life, you will be also provided with keys to personal events that you previously could not see, since they were concealed behind the veil of programs, now collapsed.

In order to implement the above, it won’t be necessary to enter into a fight, make any effort, or spend any energy at all. Clarity and recognition of what is becoming visible in relation to what you have already lived through will be enough.

For example, someone offends you or even insults you unfairly and out of the blue. And instead of losing heart or resorting to a low-frequency response, you suddenly realize: “Oh yes, there was a similar incident ten years ago, when I fell into depression and then one misfortune came after another." You will remember something like this and instead of repeating that reaction, you will simply grin: “No, I have already outgrown this, my ego will not deceive me this time.”

And when you realize this, it suddenly turns out that the person who allegedly offended you did not mean it at all, did not speak about you, and in general it concerned something entirely different.

Situations like this will surprise you by how quickly they dissolve and how easily they have previously triggered you. And now it will be very obvious that all of this is nothing more than part of the game - both the emergence of problems and their disappearance.

And yes, people who do not want to recognize internal causes in external situations will experience a shock. After all, they had never encountered so many diverse energies. What follows, is them being massively involved in the events of a collective chaos created both by people and nature.

Remember also that the mass events that you are going to witness in December are ready-made scenarios of various games. In these events there is no place for chance or someone’s participation without his or her own internal projection. These events, in essence, are something like hidden beliefs of different individuals welded together. And since you observe these events, it means that you were drawn to them by something hidden inside of you. But it is enough to see in order to be aware. You don't have to take part in them personally. Just watch and discover something about yourself.

прогноз от ли на декабрь 2023
вибрационный прогноз от lee

Express sympathy not for what is happening, but for the fact that someone is using their ego programs in this way. But since they do so, it means this is their internal choice. If someone leaves the physical world, then this is his/her internal choice - not to participate, not to get involved in the drama with this particular setting of the ego. Perhaps this being, this soul, if you will, prefers to enter the world from another body with higher frequency settings. This is their choice.

Allowing others to make their choices is one of the most powerful transformations you will undergo in December. For some, this will generally be the main event of the month - learning to let go, learning to allow, learning not to get involved in other people's dramas at the cost of collapsing your frequencies to the level of a victim. Stay on top, straighten your shoulders, keep your head high, breathe freely.

This is the time of liberation. Let’s be free!


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