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Frequency Forecast from lee for January 2024

January launches some very condensed flows of energies of the new time. February and March will cast them further around, so that later all this will blossom holographically and fill your entire reality.

These energies are similar to construction foam sprayed from a cylinder. In a powerful jet it starts spreading throughout all the nuances of your life, so that later it solidifies and consolidates everything that you want to create.


The Sun will actively help us in this process. Therefore, thank each sunrise more often and see off the sunset with tenderness. Realize that every impulse of every person who is bringing new energy to life will be amplified many times over.



So, what impulses are you willing to seed? Will you take the fortune tellers' predictions, barricade yourself in the basement and wait for better times? Or make yourself known? What kind of impulse would you like to reveal?



It is also worth realizing that when creating the energy of a new time, all the old forecasts lose their validity. They are no longer related to this reality, especially in what you might have heard in the form of promoting fear and your unworthiness. You can throw all these points of view away, together with your old, worn-out socks. They are no longer needed, they have no beauty, no benefit, no strength.



You have already entered the zone of maximum support from above. The entire Universe is on your side. They only want to hear from you - what will we create together?



What is your answer, then? What will you create together with the whole Universe?



Realize that even your most splendid answer of today is way too little for such a time. Therefore, raise the bar of your creative plans every day. And this is the essence of this forecast - you have the opportunity to replay your request every day in order to set more expanded goals for yourself.



Having reached the limit in the thoughts of this day, go to bed with the anticipation of how tomorrow you will come up with something grander and some even more interesting events that you want to experience in your life. After all, these are creative energies coming from your Source, going straight into your personal reality.



As for the external events, it's just a dark old background that you can now start to illuminate if you haven't done so before. Realize that even the smallest candle, the smallest light cannot be swallowed up by all the darkness taken together. A small spark of yours is enough for the darkness to move away from you.



Be the light and don't chase after darkness to find out where there is more of it and why it is there in the first place. It’s not worth shading yourself to see unlit areas a bit better. Shine and send light to others. Small lights in different places will create total illumination of the entire space of the Planet. A little from you, a little from another, and hundreds of thousands of seemingly small lights will create a new bright background of the collective space.



And what you also shouldn’t do is to reproach yourself for allegedly giving so little. Just being a light is enough. You are where you need to be and you illuminate exactly what needs to be illuminated in the place where you are now.



Pay attention to this nuance on New Year's days – the wishes that you make this time will come true much faster than you are used to. You will have the opportunity to implement them by mid-summer and rethink yourself in the second half of the year. This is unusual to observe from the old paradigm, but you are now using new multidimensional capabilities. Keep this in mind to get a good start in January and not limit yourself in the scope of your wishes.





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