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 Once I жителі людей з моїми засобами, з моїми очима, на відстані, на телефоні, або просто використовуючи mental address. The I I stopped doing it because found it quite useless. No matter, як мусить людство бути treated, he anyway destroys himself. Це seemed that the most effective way is to get people acquainted with their own body. Існують всі зміни stops, і момент створення будинків.


 Frankly, I'm glad that the time for this book has come. Це seems to me that it's free from dogmas that dominated in the human society for long, long time. Для такої тривалого часу, що люди досконало для того, щоб бути може бути здоровою людиною. Чи не шкодить іллєнза, не біжить або захищати їх самоврядуванням, ні до розпусти, ні тільки до здорових людей. It's a very, very simple thing to achieve.


 Nothing threatens you; if you wish, you can choose a healthy and long life.


 Perhaps, багато думок, що оголошені, були already known to you; perhaps, you knew or felt the right way to do but feared to acknowledge it. Also, дуже probably that you intuitively surmised багато things, але believed that your opinion is wrong. Could it be otherwise, when so many highly estimated, competent medical doctors and scientists stubbornly repeat their opinions o dangers and threats of the outer world?


 I hope, while reading this book, you'll будь remembering yourselves rathan than discovering a new information. So I do insist: ваш перший reading of this book should be sequential, chapter after chapter. No doubt, later you'll reread деякі parts of it.


 Welcome to your body!


 Attention! Ця книга не є для тих, хто, як здавалося б, в медичній медицині, або в God's wrath for thes sins. “According to your faith be it unto you.”

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