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​Accept a new you. How events change after the Summer Solstice.

Collective vibrations right now mixed as the colors of the rainbow. Every person on the planet has taken a “magic wand” in his/her hand to work with it further. However, this person may deem this wand to be an ordinary stick, a trash to get rid of.

Which “magic wand” are we talking about?

There can be numerous insights that you’ll begin experience. Some “strange thoughts” about your life, about your capability to do things that you didn’t dare before. Either, some “strange events” to remember you of your dreams and expectations about life.

Perhaps, you’ll “suddenly” remember your long-forgotten wish to play music, and you’ll meet somebody who’ll make you such a proposal. Perhaps, you’ll suddenly remember your wish to make harmonious relations with your child, and your child will suddenly demonstrate you miracles of harmonious communication. Perhaps you’ll remember that you wished to live free of being subjected to mass hypnosis about “mondays and fridays”, and now you’ll get a chance to become that free.

Perhaps you’ll begin think of joining a dancing group, or stop fearing tomorrows; perhaps you’ll begin ignoring mass media reports on troubles of the outer world, or go to driving courses, or do at your work something your weren’t ask to. At last, you’ll simply allow yourself a good sleep in the middle of a stress-stuffed week.

Do not pass by magic things.

When your “perhaps”, your “strange thought” appears, try to keep it in your mind a bit more than usual. Say to yourself: “I allow magic”. And don’t think about how much time it’ll take for its realization. The easier (and without expectation of some specific events) you’ll allow existence of this new thought, the earlier you’ll accept your new course of events.

Do watch magic things.

Once you’ll stop expect and recheck anything, you’ll see something that will make you a “wink”. It may the first word of your companion, a phone call, a lifting of a grand piano in your entryway, a strange behavior of the clock, a book or an article that could be recommended you for reading, an announcement near your home etc.

There will be so many “winks”, that they’ll give way to more and more new ideas for your mind. Buds of new reality will start bursting from your new ideas. You’ll be able to watch how a new world is forming around you. As you can watch a growing child, so you can watch growing a new reality – the reality of a person you wanted to be since your very childhood. And now you may really allow it yourself. Start your growth, watch it and capture it.

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