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Chapter 3

 Philosophers have long argued about the primacy of consciousness and matter. Any argument in favor of this or that statement will immediately be blocked by a stream of quotations, starting  from Plato and ending with Hegel and Feuerbach.

 On the one hand, the theme of the fact that the Universe was created by some "higher intelligence" is being discussed. In this case, disputes quickly come to a standstill, because the question arises: who created this very “higher intelligence?”. Religions, for example, evade answers, citing "the secret of design that man cannot comprehend." As a result, religions are fixated on the rules of behavior, and not on the search for an answer. Other representatives of the direction of "idealism" were looking for answers, but were drowning in concepts of what was "before ...", leaving the answers to the "higher initiates."

  On the other hand, there are seasoned materialists. They hit the table with their fists and say:   since the hand hurts, we need to talk about the pain that the “dense” world, consisting of physical elements, produces. Further, their logic is built like this: "If the Universe is expanding, then it has been compressed." Before compression, of course, there was something that lived according to its own laws of contractions, explosions and expansions. And intelligent life, respectively, appeared by accident. That is, it might not have appeared if some atoms - again by chance - did not collide in the right place.

 In general, such an explanation is not far from "explaining"   to a child that he was found in a cabbage. If a child asks a materialist where he was before the cabbage, the materialist will answer: "Until the cabbage grew, you were not there."

 Worse, materialists are forced to admit that the universe exists contrary to the basic laws of Newtonian physics; it should fall apart, losing energy, but the opposite is observed, a complication. To make it easier to understand: if you detonate a bomb, the explosion does not in any way form a thinking computer or, for example, a materialist. This fact greatly puzzles the latter.

 There is, however, an ancient knowledge that the Universe is only the result of the Observer's observation. In other words, no one created it, it is observed. No one created the mind either, it is a process of observation. To the credit of the science of the 21st century, it should be noted that such conclusions have already appeared within the framework of mathematical theories and consequences of the laws of quantum physics, astrophysics, epigenetics and neurobiology.

 Look at what is known from previous civilizations and those who are called "mystics" - the keepers of such information. At the same time, one should not confuse mystics with all sorts of "higher hierarchs" and other "secret forces"; the knowledge of the mystics has never been secret, but has always been transmitted allegorically, like the parables spoken by Lao Tzu, Jesus and Buddha. about who is closer to the answer.

 While materialists and idealists are pulling each other's hair, not knowing the origins, but discussing the options for what the Earth should die from - from the fall of an asteroid or from the invasion of the "forces of Evil" - realize how simple everything is arranged.

 So you only know that you exist. Anything else may be an illusion, a hoax, a theory, a belief, or a multi-volume materialist dissertation titled "Accidental Explosion as a Result of the Accidental Invention of the Wheel."

 Your knowledge of your existence has always been and will remain with you. You can be smart, stupid, sick, and even dying, but as long as you are conscious, you are aware of yourself. When you dream, you become aware of yourself in the dream. When you are in deep sleep, you are aware of a different self in a different reality, which you then forget when you wake up, believing that you were "nowhere". With certain skills, a person can even learn not to fall into "nowhere", that is, the awareness of one's "I am" remains continuous in any state. This is also confirmed by the experiments of regressive hypnosis.

 What you know for sure about yourself is where you can start. Not in gods, not in explosions, but in the knowledge of one's own existence. Once you accept yourself as part of the Source, everything becomes extremely clear. That is, the Source of Everything was not once the builder of “this” and then left on business “until the time of H”, he is Right Now Here and reading these lines.

 Do you understand what the salt is? Looking through the eyes of an Observer, you are not looking for "the time when everything began" and you do not ask: "Where did God go after the creation of Adam and Eve?" You Here and Now are the Beginning and Development that exists Now within the Source. Right now "inside" you there is the very Observer who created the Universe. Incidentally, this is already being confirmed by astrophysicists who study relic radiation. In order not to lull the reader, we simplify the modern conclusions of physicists to two sentences.

 The Universe is created from a single source of time and space, creating the effect of "stretching" to the size of the Cosmos. This means that, no matter how many trillions of millennia the Universe expands, right now it has one point of observation of the Observer for each quantum.

  All That Is has awakened from a sense of fullness. But there was no name for this feeling, just like the feeling itself. There was nothing but All That Is and his awakening.

 “I am what I am” – this is how All That Is defined itself. There were no moments between the moment of awakening and the moment of determination, because there was no time either. It turned out that fullness is only the starting point of looking at oneself.

 After trillions of endless moments that took no time, All That Is tried to define what Being is. For this, It assessed its limits. Each limit turned out to be the center of the All.

 Each Center has assessed its limits and seen All That Is. Thus out of the All came the Infinite Many. The Infinite Many Limits instantly realized that there was One. Thus out of the Infinite came Unity.

 After trillions of moments that did not take any time, All That Is created the concepts of One and Many - two limits that could only be determined by looking from one to the other. This look created Space.

 The Vibration of Space meant only that it was possible to place the Set without limits and distances in it. Such an arrangement meant only the creation of a direction of movement - from the One to the Many and vice versa.

 All Existence has realized that it can consist of the Many infinite fillings. All Existing by the very definition of the Many has created such a vibration, which has become aware of itself. And the Infinite Plenty gave rise to an infinite number of vibrations of "I Am".

Each vibration of the "I am" has become aware of itself, has become aware of the Many and the One. Every vibration has experienced the same need that All That Is has to find its limits. But each "I am" has a new vibration - the awareness of All That Is against the background of the Many.

 So the vibration of self-awareness gave birth to the World. Therefore, the vibration of "I am" has become the basis of every movement in all Universes. Therefore, "I" does not know anything that can go beyond the definition of what "I" is. Each question about what lies beyond the "I" creates new Universes, never reaching the limit.


 If we simplify all of the above, the picture is simple: "I am" creates the world with questions about itself. Each new answer creates a new question.

Thus, the Observer expands from one point in all "sides".

 From the principle of quantum superposition... Er... Come on, don't be scared. The bottom line is that a quantum can simultaneously be anywhere it can reach. In short, the Observer is simultaneously present in every direction, creating the effect of a circle in 2D or a ball in 3D. And what would you do in his place, if you had no concept of time, and therefore the speed of your movement would be infinite? You, too, would be present everywhere at the same time.

 Thus, from the simple "I am", a certain trinity stands out - being, a question and an answer to a question. This bundle can be called "Consciousness", that is, the understanding of "I am" in a certain movement. By the way, this is the very trinity that creates the material world: Father-Son-Holy Spirit or Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu.  ”, the third - incarnation in the material world.

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