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The webinar was held on July 2 July 2016 in video format.

 Duration 2h 36 min.


Answers to questions from the audience.

Where should you start with your body?

How to tightly create contact "I" and "my body".

Practical exercises with the audience.

Exercises to master your energy.

Body transformation exercises.

Answers to common questions.

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_       Примечание.  Практические занятия проводились на основе предварительного обзора необходимых attention to your body.

 The practice of controlling your body has a qualitative effect if you are able to take responsibility for its implementation. Shifting responsibility to external forces, including medicine and "healers", is solely your decision.

 The author of the webinar does not personally treat other people.


  • Name: Elina

  • January 14, 2017

  • Message:

  • Six months ago, a 7-year-old son began to complain that "the eyes began to see worse than before." I didn’t pay attention to it, I thought it was childish fantasies. And a couple of months ago I noticed that he could not read the inscriptions and began to examine objects very closely.

  • I went to the site with a table for checking vision and found that its previously excellent vision (and he saw the line under the unit) is now about 0.5-0.6. Of course, I was very upset.

  • I decided to use natural methods and wrote  Lee, what should I do?? Lee suggested an exercise that he says restores vision in children fairly quickly. We started this exercise right away.

  • The essence of the exercise (I quote Lee): "For children, a simple exercise is usually enough - look at the window (see a dot on the glass), and then look into the distance with maximum perspective.  minutes."

  • I stuck an asterisk on the window at the level of the child's eyes and said that it was necessary to look at this asterisk for five counts and for any object in the distance that he could distinguish well. He counted 30 times in 5 counts (5 seconds) near and far, i.e. total 300 accounts (or 300 sec = 5 min).

  • I did the exercise for a month and a half almost every day. Then we went on New Year's holidays and did nothing for 10 days. Upon arrival, he began to do the exercises again and I decided to check my eyesight using the tablet on the link. What was my surprise and joy when it turned out that the left eye was fully restored to 1, and the right eye was pulled up to 0.8!

  • Let's keep doing the exercise :)

  • Yes, and both times they checked on the same table and at the same distance. So, even if the table is not 100% correct, there is progress anyway. And impressive progress!

  • I will end with the paragraph "Thanks": VERY grateful to Lee for this simple and effective exercise and in general for the constant help and support! :)))

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