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Once upon a time there were two 3D people. They fought, they defended, they fought for their lives. Each built a fortress for himself and was ready for a long siege from the attacker.

And then one day one of them got tired of the battles and went on a journey. Having visited some unusual places, he suddenly changed and began to see the world differently, began to distinguish 50 shades of green, hear the sounds of his heart, feel the difference in taste with every sip of water. He became a 5d man, although he did not notice it himself.

And so the 5D man began to build himself a castle with alleys, fountains and a wonderful garden. He so wanted to break out of the old dullness and bring new colors to life that he decided to modify everything that surrounded him.


At this time, his neighbor, a 3D man, was sitting in his damp fortress, hung with barbed wire, studded with steel spikes, fenced with gloomy walls and a moat with stinking slurry in which terrible crocodiles swam.

Watching through the loopholes of his walls at the construction site of his neighbor, the 3d man shouted out ridicule:

- You are crazy! - he shouted, grunting from a sense of the greatness of his own mind. - You are building an absurdity that will not protect you from misfortunes. Look at my thick walls - learn to live right.


The 5D man hummed something under his breath and continued to build. He heard the screams of a neighbor, but did not want to be distracted from his project.

Of course, the logic of a 3D person suggested that the matter was unclean - clearly there is some kind of intent on the part of the neighbor, which has not yet been disclosed. And therefore - it is urgent to strengthen the defense. Puffing, sweating, straining his veins, falling from exhaustion and suffering from bloody calluses, he set to his own work - he dragged stones, strengthening the walls of his fortress. He was in a hurry - time is never enough, life is short, and the defense looks unreliable.

Days, weeks, months, years passed... The 5D man's castle became more and more majestic, its gardens blossomed, the spray from the fountains created iridescent lights. In the evenings he sat under the branches of oaks and maples that grew by the stream that flowed through the young avenues. 5D man learned new melodies from birds, picking them up on his guitar.


3D man was overwrought and suffering from illnesses - dampness and self-deprivation did their job. The savings on funds also affected - he ate exclusively what looked extremely logical - nuts from trees - they do not need to be processed, they are nutritious and easy to stock up on for a long period. I wanted to eat fish soup, but he logically rejected this ridiculous idea - there are no fish in the crocodile ditch, and any fire is a waste of valuable firewood, and even a fire can happen ...

And then one day, when the sun rose unusually high in the sky, and the clouds dispersed, freeing the clear blue sky, the 3D person felt something and began to closely examine the neighbor's castle. Gaining courage, he shouted:

- Hey neighbor, of course, you are a complete fool, but at least explain your logic to me. How are you planning to attack me from your castle?

"I'm not going to do that," replied the neighbor.

Of course, such an answer looked extremely idiotic and further strengthened the determination of the 3d person to strengthen his defenses - this is very suspicious! Moaning and cursing his hard lot, he got up from a damp and dirty (saving on water is above all) bed, going for new stones, forging old bolts into more massive counterparts - he was proud of these defense technologies of his.

Time passed, but the 5D man did not attack and did not even try to explain something to his neighbor. And now the sun rose high again, the clouds had not appeared for a week, and even the fortress of 3d man dried up, brightened a little. Curiosity took its toll and he decided to go out.

Having slightly opened the secret door, the 3D man made his way outside and went to the castle of his enemy. Looking at the low fence, the shallow stream with trout, the cows grazing in the nearest meadow, he was utterly astonished at the extreme stupidity of his neighbor. And so he wanted to show his intellect that the 3D man could not stand it and went up to the castle itself to reason with the feeble-minded.

“Listen, neighbor,” he said peacefully. - I sincerely want to help you, save you from imminent trouble.

“Yes, of course,” the 5D man happily agreed. - I'm listening to you carefully. Perhaps from the side it is clearer where I make a mistake in my housekeeping. By the way, would you like to see my paintings? I'm also an artist - I draw by inspiration.

- I'm not up to painting, - the 3D man dismissed and began his instructions. - Have you seen the studies of scientists? A big glaciation is coming soon - everything around will freeze. Have you read the forecasts? Drought next year - everything will dry up. Have you analyzed the strength of the walls for penetration by a 122mm projectile? War is possible - the walls will collapse.

- Of course, I heard about some reports of scientists, - answered the 5D man. - Scientists over the past two hundred years have reported so much something there that you can’t remember everything. I rely only on the research that helps me build a castle and manage current affairs - what to grow, when to sow, how to smoke tastier fish.

3D man clutched his head in horror - well, how can you be such a fool. Not giving up in the intention to save another, he exclaimed:

- You not those scientists read! There are honored academicians, their works are recognized by other academicians - they need to be studied.

- What about innovators? How to deal with new discoveries? - the man asked 5D with curiosity, understanding where the neighbor was driving.

- This is complete nonsense! - weighty cut 3D man. - Our ancestors were not fools. They built a civilization, they knew what they were doing, they lived for centuries without any innovations and we will live ... Well, if not us, then our descendants, for sure.

- So you will leave the smelly citadel to your descendants, and I want to bequeath the castle ... and I also want to live in it - happily ever after. After all, the house in which happy people lived also bears its mark on the future.

The 3D man looked at his neighbor and realized that he was talking to a madman, although there was still a small chance to get through to the remnants of his brains. And he asked with hope in his voice:

- And how are you going to defend yourself from enemies?

The 5D man looked around in surprise.

So I don't have any enemies.

Then it was the turn of the 3D man to be taken aback. Some kind of vague thought was spinning in my head, making it difficult to think soberly. Brushing aside the unformed epiphany, he remarked:

- And what about me? I'm your potential enemy, I can attack you.

"Hmm," the 5D man remarked. "Why are you attacking me?"

- To take away your castle, your alleys, gardens, fountains, - the neighbor grinned bloodthirstyly.

- So you just told me that it's all about to die. Why do you need what you call useless?

The 3D man was a little embarrassed.

"Well, maybe the world will last a year or two," he agreed reluctantly.

“Why didn’t you create gardens for yourself, breed trout in streams, and design fountains?” What will you do with my castle if you conquer it? Will you keep the castle after the attack, will you follow all my household? After all, you will surround it with a moat, cover it with barbed wire, rot the fish in the swamp, let the meadows fall, feed the cows to the crocodiles ...

- In principle, yes, it is logical, - the 3D person was forced to agree.

- It turns out that you will simply create a second terrible fortress for yourself in order to spend twice as much energy on maintaining your land?

"Let's just say so," said the 3D man. - But what about you? How are you going to live on?

“You see, neighbor,” answered the 5D man. - In my life, I proceed from what I like to do. Why should I prove the magnificence of this day? You can just live in joy. I like building castles, tending alleys, fishing. By the way, while I was learning how to build this castle, I came up with a more magnificent project and I am ready to help bring it to life for you. Do you want a castle instead of a fortress?

- Wait a minute, you blockhead, - the 3D man was indignant. - I'm telling you to think about how to fight with me. After all, I can attack you! Prove to me the correctness of your actions!

- What for?

- What why?

Why should I waste my life thinking about what you can do wrong? I'm ready to build a second, third, fifth castle - I really like it. What's so ridiculous about this? And why do you need proof of my innocence, think about what you want for yourself? Do you need 5 fortresses to defend against my cows in the meadow? Why is your logic based on my thoughts about my affairs? What do you care about the reality of another person? Create your personal, desired reality for you. Even your enemies live only in your head, nobody is interested in you in the outside world. Your crocodiles, your super-massive walls and bolts - only you need them.

3D man nervously biting his nails, not knowing what to answer. He could not believe the sincere intention of another to live in abundance without looking into the neighbor's garden. Silently, he returned to his fortress and retired to a cold tower to study a new method of distilling nettles into vodka. Vodka is a convenient thing - it does not deteriorate, it can heal wounds, it is convenient to go into oblivion with it, so that it is easier to live until the end of your days. After all, this is the meaning of life - to reduce the amount of pain on the way to death.


At this time, the daughter of a 3D person followed in the footsteps of her father and wandered into the possessions of a 5D person. Looking at the fountains, she saw a girl with long but well-groomed hair (stupid, because a short haircut is more convenient in a fight) and dressed in clothes without pockets (there is no logic in such clothes, of course). This strange girl painted a strange picture - a rainbow from the spray of a fountain (absurd work - who will buy this - a set of colored blots? You need to draw clearly, efficiently and better on order).

Curiosity and a desire to help the young dumbass overcame her awkwardness, forcing the 3D daughter to approach the artist.

What are the colors in this rainbow? she asked to start the conversation. - And why are there not seven, but thirty-five?

- Oh, so you see them? - the artist was delighted.

- Well, yes, - the 3D girl grunted. Who doesn't see them? I just don't know their names.

The 5D girl smiled.

- It’s just that you don’t have them in the house, so you didn’t observe them. If you like, I'll show you where they meet in our garden.

3D girl is confused. It was extremely interesting, but the upbringing of the father required to pay some price for someone else's service. Nothing comes just like that...

- What do I need to do for this? she asked.

- You need to make a choice.

- Choose what?

- Choose whether you want to see something else or not.

- And it's all? So?

- And then you will always choose what to look at. And then you will always know that there are more than 7 colors. It's simple, isn't it?

- But what good is it for you? - the 3D girl was surprised.

- I'll just be pleased to share with you what I see. Haven't you noticed how joy and a sense of beauty increase when you share them with another? Once - and suddenly there was twice as much beauty - simply because you showed it to another. Miracles, magic, magic!


Suddenly something happened, something unusual happened, and for some reason the 3D girl's eyes became wet. The rays of the sun were reflected in the tears and she saw a rainbow on her eyelashes. And there were even more than thirty-five shades in it - there were hundreds and thousands of sparkling color overflows. Moreover, all these colors moved, displayed one in another, creating dynamic scenes.

The magic of transformation happened - the 5D girl was returning to her father's 3D fortress to start spring cleaning ... in her room.

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