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 The webinar was held on 17 December 2016 in video format.

 Duration 1 h 59 min. Here you can purchase the full record for the price of 600 rubles 


About the webinar

 The purpose of the webinar is to provide meditation keys that you can use to connect with your Higher Self.

At the webinar you will learn:


- what is the essence of any meditation;

- how easy it is to enter the state and how to strengthen it;

- what false installations can interfere with you;

- how to set your mind to achieve your goals;

- what varieties of meditation exist and where did they come from;

- what is the essence of postures, mudras and other settings for meditation;

What are the uses for meditation?

 The main thing is that you will learn to meditate and you will clearly understand why this is needed at all.

More about meditation here

For the first time I got to the webinar lee "Meditation". I was amazed at how clearly he expresses his thoughts. I wanted to know how to meditate correctly, i.e. how to breathe, what mantras to use, do you need to know something about the chakras, what kind of music is needed for meditation, but I will tell you that I have learned the meaning of meditation for myself, and this is more important than stupid copying of someone else's technique.

So beautifully lee   laid out everything about the chakras, and about yoga, and about relaxation, and about nirvana. For me, everything seemed to be clear before, but I rather rushed through the techniques than meditated. The webinar opened my eyes to something that was not clear, especially the essence of meditation, although about the posture, and about the music, and the rest became so simple and accessible. In general, I’ll say for everyone, both those who have meditated before and those who have never tried it, but wanted to know what it is, I can say: if you want to understand how to meditate, watch this particular webinar, namely the lee webinar! He will give you answers to all your questions about meditation, and he will also answer what you did not even think to ask.



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