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The webinar was held on November 12, 2016 in video format.

 Duration 1 h 50 min. Here you can purchase the full record for the price of 600 rubles 

  The purpose of the webinar is to show you how to completely take control of the external reaction of society to you.

 At the webinar  information on how you build communications with other people is presented in detail, methods of how to bring it to a conscious level are also shown.

During the webinar, you will gain knowledge on:


How to attract love into your life

- how to create friendly relations with others;

- how to manage people with the best result;

- how to influence colleagues and business partners;

- how to neutralize any negativity in relation to a person.


 The webinar will show you the processes that underlie the psychology of relationships. You will be able to master what remains a mystery to psychologists.

 The webinar also covered practical typical situations that cause difficulties in relationships, including finding a partner, relationship with a child, alcoholism in the family, employment, etc.

276 UAH

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