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What is lee CTO?

сто заставка.jpg

SRT is conceived as a system of practical skills that is integrated into life right during the course.

It's not just lectures or philosophy - it's Here and Now happening...

Here are collected all the versions of what SRT is, according to the participants themselves, proposed by them even before the start of the lesson No. in Telegram 


Copyright emoticons saved:


tech station. service🙈😆

I create the obvious

Crazy fucking techniques 😂😂😂

🌀Super Turbo Wagon 🌀

STO - passionate telepathic embrace

Life is 100%

SRT - Consciousness Creates Hugs🙏🙏🙏

Super Creator Awesome 😉

Become a responsible creator!

Your Creative Image

Perfect Creative Organism

Become a creator consciously!

Creative impersonation system

Secret Mindfulness Techniques

Perfect Creative Orgasm!

One hundred million thousand!!

Total Renewal System

The Essence of Creative Education

Sushi Cake Cucumber

Sushi Creators Very

The Creator Himself! Oops!! 

That's it!

Creation of creative images

You are the Light

You became one


Become a Creator! (Now don't get away-)

Became (a) the Creator, However-)

Collection of Creators. Discoveries.

Collection of Creators. Dinner.

Salo Tequila Cucumber😀

Consciousness Creates Resting

Consciousness Creates Orgasm

Let's create such Oyomayo .. 🤩

Power of Creation ommm

Got off the Tank! 🤩

Collecting Vegetable Creators 🤣

I'm sitting .. I'm stupid .. Opachki! (transformation of the eye into the creator)

Gathering of Creators Definitely!

Consciousness of the Creator Conscious

Awareness Technique System

The sleeping creator woke up

Creative Awareness System

The snow is melting again! (Moscow)

The Light of the Creator is Obvious🤩

Consciousness of the Creator Conscious

I create consciously

Community Creative Officers.😉👌

Creation of creative images

Become So Love🤩

Symphony "Secrets of the Ocean"😇

Start of total enrichment

Treasures of the Creator. Opus

Hundreds of creative shades😇

Fairy tale "Transformation of the OCHA"

Now Discovery Here

Salad Total Olivier😅

Now there is a light! 

The essence of a spot update

Completion of Creation Oyes!

System of Mindfulness Techniques

Most Creative Experience

Sacred That Opened

Your heart has opened

Layer cake

Synchronicity of creative individuals

Collecting total awareness

I will create a charming body

The point here is the same

Essence is One ;))

Create Your Feature ;)

Family Creative Association

The most creative orchestra🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

The meaning of the creator Otpad🤣🤣🤣

One hundred creations wholesale😱😱😱

Laughter, Tantra, Oscar.

Most Talented Eyewitness

The essence of the creator is defined🤓

The power of tibido breathes everyday life🤣🤣🤣

The Creator Himself

Total Wellness System

Intelligent Reflection Methods

Super Fast Image Transformation

Creation of the Fiery Body

Stimulator of Creative Discoveries

Serious Telepathic Communication

Super Technological O(pro) lighting


Samsara the Creator Canceled

Establishment of Spiritualization Technology

It became so awesome 😂

One hundred techniques perfected☘️

Sekas is awesome 😁

Crazy, badass, sticking out!😁

Smak, type, op🤔

Cut off the type of the ordinary⚔️

Smoothie pumpkin-orbital🍅🌐

Today I'll get pissed too 🙈

Sexuality Total Obvious👯‍♀️

You are another story.


Stolypin touches Shaft

Symbiotic relationship type

Your dreams are fire 🚀

Today only hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗

Wholesale Turkish sweets🍬🍭🍦

Just break it off😃😃😃😃😃

Embarrassment only orbit😄😄😄😄😄

Juice, current, ok

Symphonic dances of the conscious 💃

Listen, is it optimal?

Listen, it sticks awesome😉🙂🙃

Brake power is limited😂😂😂😂😂

Fairy Tale Telepathic Relationship😃

Weaklings lose their legs😁

Message from Tatyana Onegin

Shame on you, stupid, monkeys

Country is now open

The point is now to ooh😄😄😄😄

Sacred secrets of Cucumber😁

Salty Pacific Ocean

It hit great today😄

Salty Pacific Ocean

Solyanka topik sings the funeral😂😂😂😂😂

Glorious Comrade Osho 🙂

Your snot is orange
Gathering of creators of optimists

Happiness Creative sensations

Body of your Consciousness

Today only the original

The power of the Creator inspires
Sovkom Quietly Restock

Serious Tolik Resting

Spoiler The Secret Order😃
Sahasraru pip opener
Sahasrara type opening
Table only ordinary

Shame on stupid orcs

Cheese Telek Obolon

Sorry the creator is resting

Blue ace overwhelmed

Sleep only donkey

Proportionate creative association

Change hangs out definitely

Creativity Education System 

Happiness of Creative Illumination.

Super Creative Discoveries

Transformation Series Obvious-Improbable

Super Fast Springboard to Mindfulness
Collection of Transforming Realizations

Self-Improving Creative Association

The Light of Your Fire

Another change is happening)

Another shift is training

Sopit Solemnly Olesya

Today Just Hugging

Herring Also Explain

Thanks to the turner Oleg

Today Here Deify 🤣

Be the Creator and Rock Out! 😂

Created? Create back 😂

I Create Creators! wholesale 🤣

Light, Tart, Filtered 🤣

 Orion's Lilac Mist 🤣

It will become tight - Contact 😂

Creative Service Station. ‼️ And you know who the chief mechanic is 😜

The Most Intelligent Training

I will become a Creator, Ohu... Awesome!!!!!
Sacred Technology of Awareness.

The Most Creative Orchestra!!!👍👍👍 Remember the scheme     -Composer.Musicians.Music.💥💥💥🎉🎉
Sexy creators rock!🔥🔥🔥😂❤️
passionate telepathic embrace
The sect of theorists liberates😁😃
"Total Liberation Sect"
Union of Creative Awareness
The Start of Total Awareness
Today Only Obzhrun

Circumstances turned out like this

I'm sitting stupid stoned,


Bustle Current Postponed,

I hasten to create in isolation

Old Theories Tried,

Create Now Consciously

His Creator New images.

Modern Body Update

Boobs Topic Open

Boobs Rags New clothes

Sorry for the body distraction)

Dreams Telegram Enveloped????

Change of the Then Retreated)

Saturday Creators Await☀️💫

sweetness tested by a taper

hoard - so consciously)

The secrets of the throne are open

Today the topic is awesome😁

Failure of the triumph of everyday life
juicy three words formed!
Consciousness is a trembling weapon

The slogan for the creators is to neutralize

Elephant trampled a nut🐘

Shining patience personification

The rhyme of the creator is obvious

Only the order is strong

Like a seal revived

Secret only in autumn

It's like my patience has run out

The creation of the creator is awesome

He is a sticker

Blindly do the basics

Seriously only opium

Most Creative Originals

I suffer only from insights)

Seriously torturing awareness

strong current.)

Fairy tales  inspire creators

Funny now surrounds

Smolny telephones the Regional Committee     * Vegetable base (as an option)

Smeshariki sharpen lunch

Strong Therapeutic Deception

Nude chiseled magpie 😂😂😂🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

The soldier hurries the squad

Hundred Plates Washed

Is this for me as a sculptor? )

Herring yapping scrambled eggs


I didn't know you were a sculptor

Can you do it right? - beat

We are all sculptors of reality🙂

I can sharpen / trim)

Most Creative Experience

Pig - comrade certain)

One hundred typhoons rest

Worst experience ever)

Sorry now rest😆😆😆😆😆😞

Sorry your rejected))

Its only mirroring)

Blue, tropic, obolon😂😂

Again sticks-fire🔥

Encourages with the power of dance💪

Laughter clears the trachea

Quite awesome now

You are amazing🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

Now you are aware

Today tryndets canceled!!!!

Light You From Everywhere✨
Creative image system👑

Creative education system

Stalin demands an opera

The Power of Your Consciousness

Breaking down traditional habits

Strong awesome tracks

Dance stickers of the lucid

Land of the mysterious Oz

One hundred stupid eyes

Skill system - Consciousness. Creation. Awareness.
Semyon bring the opener

Top update system

Sukhomlinsky trains operas)
Semyon bring the opener

Top update system

Saturday rushes society 😉

Hard to open

Glory to the creators is obvious

The power of the Creators is obvious (as an option))

Your word is fire

Thank You Huge 🔥

Only a latecomer is fed up

The meaning of the creator to stay?

Satiety Warmly Given

Socrates you are justified🤣

Courage the thrill of anticipation

They cut you down for sure

Happiness warm thaw

Solo to the creator is provided

Create pickles carefully)     especially with mushroom mushrooms)

Sculpture to be cut

Fly there consciously

falcon grouse eagle

Sculpture to be cut

Fly there consciously

falcon grouse eagle

Glorious creation of discoveries

Sun Shadow Illumination

The secret of the creator is ordinary

Get Down Now Crazy

Sculpture to be cut

Fly there consciously

falcon grouse eagle

Glorious creation of discoveries

Sun Shadow Illumination

The secret of the creator is ordinary

Get Down Now Crazy

The ability to create awesome

Light Shadow Reflection

Consciousness of Creative Awareness

Studio of Creative (Creative) Education


The spectrum of creative sensations

Socrates you are justified🤣

Hidden Tables Revealed

I create my own orgasm

Woven by a thousand sensations

Events I create o@ily

I'm Enchanted by You ❤️🧚‍♂💍

Saturday body rests))
I'm staring at you

It's just worth letting go

It's hard to leave you

The rolling pin is also a tool)

Semaphore to you carefully)

Agree to caress you

Emoticon Creators Sending❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stylish Creative Awareness😍

Get a thousand - we'll exchange it))

As if enchanted by creativity

We exchange creations, like?
Today you rock!❤️

Happiness will reflect on you!🙏

Skop will knock you over!

Sit, Create, Realize😂

Savor, Create, Realize

Look There Be Careful!

I look there especially!

The ability to transform clouds😃

Glory to the Conscious Creators!😇

Is your objectivity harsh?

You whistle soulfully))

The plumber will serve you

Constellation Tiger Imprints

Neighbor (with a drill) just fell off

The stopwatch is ticking consciously

The mother-in-law is totally aware🤣

I will transform the answer myself

Sacred trilogy "Relationships"

Sacred topics - beware!

The Power of Creative Awareness

Hail, Talented Realizer

Create, create, charms!!👏👏👍

Salo Exactly Sagging

How much did you measure.

Become a Conscious Creator

Enlightened by his talents😉

Statuette chiseled charming💋
Top update system

The passion of the creator  inspires

Hundreds of creators are doomed

The passion of the creator  inspires

Hundreds of creators are doomed

Consciousness Totally Conscious✨✨✨

I will create Totally Consciously✨✨✨

The Country of the Conscious Creators

The Power of Total Awareness✨✨✨

Dreams Are Only Conscious ✨

The Power of Creation is Dazzling✨✨✨

Super Creative Association))

Sasha Creators Awesome

 And maybe STO - this is not an abbreviation at all, but -   💯))

In this case  💯 technician   🌀100% awareness 🌀_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136d_d_😀😀

💯 Mindfulness Creations😁

Keys to SRT - keys to your Creative Image


And another version from the participant of what really happened 😂😂:

lee's prank when imagining what's happening now

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