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Крылья демона роман
Крылья демона. Автор lee

Demon Wings

Roman is an adventure

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Крылья Демона, автор lee

  Demon Wings is an adventure novel about demons, angels and humans.


 If demons exist, what are their motives? Can a demon understand love? What will happen to him? And how will it be received by its own and others?


 Where is the limit of the ingenuity of a demon in love who will be left face to face with the world of people from different eras?


ISBN: 978-5-4474-7395-2
Роман "Крылья демона" lee
  This is a fiction book in which a fictional world is woven into human play.
  Any resemblance to real people, demons or angels is just a coincidence.
 Although some characters did exist in their time.
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Книга автора lee крылья демона



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