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 The webinar was held on April 8, 2017 in video format.

 Duration 1 h 25 min.

Here you can purchase the full recording for the price of 650 RUB. 


About the webinar


 The purpose of the webinar is integration with your “I am” at the level of full and conscious presence in the physical body.

 The practical session of the webinar will show you the process of  merging with your Higher Self into a single structure.

After that, it will be difficult for you to throw responsibility on others, to look for the “guilty” of your misfortunes on the side. You will have to fully accept yourself, take control over the processes occurring in the physical body.​ This webinar is an entrance to another dimension, in which there is only your Creation


  1. What is "I am"

  2. High and low vibrations

  3. How to measure the time until the materialization of desire

  4. The practice of integrating "I am"

Webinar Attachment:

1. Website with practical settings.

2. Closed group for those who wish to share their experience of personal integration with I am.

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