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 The webinar was held on 18 March 2017  in video format.

 Duration 1 h 20 min.

Here you can purchase the full record for the price of 650 rub 


About the webinar

  The purpose of the webinar is to look at your life from the position of infinite Consciousness in order to get rid of the frames of ego-limitations.

 The webinar covered issues of different incarnations, issues of karma and how to use the experience of different lives in order to be a happy person Now.

 You were told that karma is a chain of suffering. But the Consciousness does not build anything according to the principle of suffering. Suffering invented the mind, believed in them and passionately clings.

 UM is a product of Consciousness, and consciousness is Eternal.

 If you want to look at yourself from the position of Eternity, if you want to be happy Today, you are here.

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