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Subscribe to webinars - Instructions

to connect

Enter the code on the subscription site - 

1. First go to the site (we recommend the Google Chrome browser), log in via Telegram. 

2. You will receive a notification from the official Telegram bot, click the "Accept" button.

3. Copy the code from your mail.

4. Visit again.

5. Enter the code in the line that appears, click on the arrow on the right to activate it

6. You will receive an invitation to a private channel from another Telegram bot (Lee Academy). Get in on the link.

7. Enjoy watching!


If this is not enough for you, read below for more detailed instructions with screenshots and answers to the most frequently asked questions from subscribers.

It is possible that questions and answers will be added as development progresses - then updates will appear in the same article.


What is a subscription?

This is unlimited online access to view all lee webinars for the period 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 on the subscription site.

Additionally, you get access to a closed Telegram channel, where a comments section has been created for each webinar and an opportunity to discuss the topics covered in the webinars.

Additionally, some other videos previously published on the lee Youtube channel are available on the resource (relevant for some countries).


Paid webinars 2020 and 2021 are not included in this subscription.

Access to webinars - only in the form of unlimited online viewing, without the possibility of downloading, for the period of your subscription.


Where is the subscription payment made?
You can pay for a subscription on the site - in 3 options (1, 3, 12 months).
It can be paid in the future in any of the options you like - regardless of the initial choice.

How to renew a subscription?
It is most convenient to renew the subscription without waiting for its expiration time - in this case, you will not have to go through the activation again, it will be enough to enter the new received code in the personal account of the subscription site.
And the new number of days will automatically be added to the remaining ones.
In your personal account you can see the date and time of the end of the subscription.
After the subscription time expires, you lose the ability to watch videos on the subscription site and the ability to see and write comments in the closed Telegram channel.


What happens after a subscription?

On the purchase site, in the order you can have the status - "Order in processing" - these words should not confuse you, everyone has this status, in fact, the delivery of letters to you is an automatic process, and it has already started from the moment the payment was made .
After payment, you will automatically receive 2 letters to your email address specified during the purchase (not counting the check from the payment system).

- One letter contains a notification that you have made a purchase.

- In another letter there will be a link to the subscription site, and an individual access activation code, which is entered exactly on the site (not in Telegram bots, and not on the purchase site). If after 10 minutes there is no letter with the code either in incoming letters, or in spam, or in the "promotions" section (who has one in the mail), then you need to
seek help from @bincat_admin - in Telegram.

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