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 Osho Zen Tarot cards are a kind of restoration of the true Tao. 

 It's funny, but what Lao Tzu taught turned into philosophy, and the foundations of Tao were emasculated, imposing the principle of divination on them.

 At the heart of Zen there was also never a principle of divination. So where did he come from in Osho's zen tarot cards? Are we really talking about predictions or is it something else?

Watch this video and read the explanation below...


Tao and Zen, what do they have in common

The key idea of the DAO lies in the fact that a person is "inside his thoughts", and outside all this is manifested in events.

Why is the DAO hard to understand?

1. A person does not realize that there are no accidents in life.

2. As a result, a person does not see that each external element 100% reflects internal vibrations.

3. A person does not realize that any movement of the second hand is the result of an internal displacement of vibrations.

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It is the process of bringing out what is in your vibration.

It is not surprising that at one time the Book of Changes was turned from deep sacred knowledge into a simple divination system.

Who is aware of the influence of the inner on the outer?

If a person guesses, does he expect to see the inside? He expects to hear what is prepared for him from outside. 

Are you able to recognize the difference between the influence of your vibrations and the alleged influence of the outside world?

How else to convey that the Zen Tarot cards are your guide inside yourself? 

Карты Ошо Дзен Инь и Янь

Yin Yang

You are not just vibrations within you - you are part of a continuous movement within what is called space.

And if you are inside, is there time?

Your existence is your answer to the question "who am I?".

Each answer is a new you.

Each new option creates a new moment in time.

The movement from "I am this" to "I am that" is your inner "dragons" with the name of yin-yang, which continuously solve two questions:

Question 1. How to keep the old self?

Question 2. How can I find a more complete answer?

 But the full answer is the realization at this point Here and Now that there is a process, not a result.

 Each new movement of thought is a different you, a different alignment.

Where is fortune-telling in this?

Dao I-Jin or Book of Changes


is a system for encoding your vibrations, starting from the moment you determine the strength of the impact of what was, on who you become and vice versa.


And then the circle - a cycle within a cycle ...

In this cycle, two are mixed into one and THREE is created...


What about Zen?

It is the sensation that arises within you when you "suddenly" have a new understanding that does not rely on an external explanation.

You just need to let a little...

Ошо Дзен Таро
Дао инь и янь
Дао И дзин Книга перемен
Дзен от lee медитация
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