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Webinar lee

Webinar on how to build a "bridge" between the conscious and the unconscious.

What for?

To use the power of your subconscious.

Hypnosis, in which we continuously live - how to realize it and enter the state of the Creator of our reality.

The webinar is not about hypnosis techniques, but about its essence - how and why this process occurs.

Direct vibrational effect, the original task and meaning of interactions between people.

At the webinar:

- the process of forming a personal world;

- inclusion in someone else's game;

- points of influence on each other;

- hypnosis and direct control of others;

- system of protection against influence;

- zones of direct control or selection of desired events

- the practice of awareness and direction of one's thoughts

We already understand the implications of the focus of attention for the choice of personal reality, now we are looking at "field work" to make this an everyday phenomenon. Without fear or reproach.

Recommendation for adequate perception of information: read the webinars "Influence", "Impact", "Telepathy"


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