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Interview about the publication of the book lee  " Instruction to reality. Who am I ".


Question: - In November, your book “Instruction to Reality. Who am I?". You rather ambitiously called it "instruction".  So many different esoteric books, aren't they all instructions?


Author: - Esotericism is a look inside oneself. Oddly enough, no one publishes their views on themselves. The term itself is distorted and is taken in meaning as "secret and unverified knowledge." That's why I wrote the book to dot the i's. There are no secrets, all knowledge is already available, but people, out of habit, tend to look for miracles from “external forces”, and not in themselves. The path to yourself is the only instruction you can offer. All other literature is the authors' observations of the outside world.

 By this book I am trying to convey to a person that all his troubles are connected with the non-use of his powers. It's like planting someone else's garden, and then waiting for your own harvest.


Q: How is it different from other books? Do you know something that other authors do not know?


A: - The difference is that in the book I tried to convey the experience in such a way that the reader would perceive the information not from me, but directly immersed in the experience. After all, words do not have such power as personal experience. Thus, the reader does not need to believe that he is the creator of his reality, he simply takes the wheel in his hands. What he does with it is his business. In my opinion, most of the authors are engaged in writing stories and do not give practical information to readers.


Q: - Do you think that your book is preferable to others?


A: - I believe that the time has come for those people who want to realize who they are, and not chase after wonderful mantras, karma cleansing, necessary herbs and so on. But people still buy what attracts them. There are stages of knowing one's strength, which are conditionally called Worship, Reverence, Following, Awareness. Each person, one way or another, attracts the information of his period of knowledge - someone needs higher powers, someone needs a wise guru, someone needs training. My book will attract those who are ready to enter the level of Awareness.


Q: - And what's next? What result are you getting?


A: - We are now talking about the first book "Who am I?". As a result, I see a shift in the focus of the reader. Understanding Who he (the reader) is is the key. It seems to me that the book should not leave questions about your essence. There may be questions “how”, “where”, “why”, but they should be asked by the one who knows that he is the Center of the world, and not the periphery. And, in my opinion, the reader has no choice - either to lead the process, or to wait for handouts from "external" forces. Without a shift in focus, you will never become aware of yourself - mantras, mudras, yogic practices are useless.

 For example, I am often asked how to eat right, but this question can be answered by someone who can really distinguish himself from the body. And not in words, but to be aware of this difference. That's when you can answer. Without such awareness, a person hears literally different words, as if explaining a color to a blind person. The most powerful practices are based on such a shift in focus, they are in the public domain, but they are not seen. I hope I will be useful in that I will open a reservoir of knowledge only by shifting the reader's focus to himself.


Q: - Do you want to say that your book has a unique utility?


A: - A simple example, in order to completely stop getting sick, a person does not need medicines and any serious practices. When you are at the level of Awareness, illness becomes a myth of the past for you. You communicate with the body on "you", and therefore nothing external in relation to the body happens. If all of humanity could read my book, I think medicine would lose a third of its patients. For me, this is elementary knowledge and, frankly, it is already difficult for me to perceive that someone is serious about medicines. It is very interesting to see the world of people who are aware of themselves and their bodies. This is the task of this book and its sequels - to move into a new world.


Q: Do you think you can change the world?


A: - I believe that I can become a simple tool to help those who are moving towards a new world. Only the one who is ripe for this changes.

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