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Book of Changes. I-Ching
Interpretation of hexagrams
based on the trigram “Water”

Trigram  Kan - "Water"


Триграмма Небо (толкование книги перемен онлайн от lee)

  6. Apparent success, although the goal has not been reached yet. The decision has been made, the actions have been taken, yet the results are still pending.

The worst thing would be to plunge into dull waiting or even worse, to try and replay something. The best solution would be to accept whatever is there and look forward to what the future holds.

Гексаграмма 47 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 64 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 7 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 40 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 4 толкование Книги перемен
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Гексаграмма 6 толкование Книги перемен
47 Гексаграмма Истощение
47 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 47 interpretation of the Book of Changes

It's time for a vacation. However important your actions might seem to you - they would be scattered. In this position, any effort is like firing a cannon at sparrows. Another analogy could be the labor of Sisyphus.

Soon the situation will begin to change, but not just yet. Hexagram 47 indicates that in order to successfully resolve your issue, it requires internal development.

What is needed is not waiting, but rather to allow some maturation. You are not missing out, but loosening your grip.

64 Гексаграмма Еще не конец
64 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 64 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Something is maturing inside of what has already been created.

Your situation may be related to stagnation or some previous "mistakes". Something returns to you to be reviewed and re-lived again.

This time it's important to define what it is. Is it something to your aid, or the other way around, is it falling into the same trap again?

Be aware that what you see now is only a hint, and not the event itself, but it will come soon.

So, you are now in a fairly stable position, but be prepared for a new round of events - it is important to recognize what is approaching you by the first clues. Pay attention to the subtleties of the question that you have internally asked when you got this hexagram.

40 Гексаграмма Разрешение
40 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 40 interpretation of the Book of Changes

This is where the energy of the event reaches its peak.

You are currently living at the very heart of what you inquired about.

The weakness would be to somehow try to hide from what is happening. It's unrealistic. You put the chestnuts in the fire - now you have to figure out how to deal with them.

The strength is to take action. Any action will bring some type of result. If everything is going favorably for you, it will only improve further through your actions.

In a negative situation, you should allow it to unfold itself fully. If you are pretty skilled in shaping your reality, then shift the focus of what is happening to something of little importance. For example, it's better to let the clothes suffer, than the body.

If you're experiencing issues in your relationship, concentrating on any particular emotion will only amplify that feeling. Therefore, better choose love ...

7 Гексаграмма Войско
7 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 7 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Hexagram 7 indicates the time of formation of your strength. What you accumulate now will soon become part of the impulse of your action.

Actions should be extremely moderate and designed only for what will happen later. Don't try to solve the question now - it is not appropriate.

Stay focused and gather possible help.

The weakness is to spend your preparation time on something unrelated. If it's summer, get your sleigh ready, if it's winter...

The strength is strict adherence to the plan.

4 Гексаграмма Недоразвитость
4 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 4 interpretation of the Book of Changes

A very typical situation for absent-minded people. It seems that you took everything with you on a trip, but you have left your passport at home. What to do if you're already at the airport?

Hexagram 4 says that it's not the situation you should be blaming - you have driven yourself in this corner. Start right from the current situation and take the actions that are necessary Now.

In this position, improvement is unlikely; something needs to be restarted without panic and chaos.

In view of the analogy above, the advice is - to avoid wasting your vacation, it is better to lose one day changing tickets than to be left without a trip all together. Assign the meaning to the event that "everything is for the better" - you were saved from something, but now everything will turn out great.

29 Гексаграмма Повторная опасность
29 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 29 interpretation of the Book of Changes

This hexagram means that your position is the one like an acrobat's - the chair you are sitting on, stands on another chair.

Presumably, the work was done well, but it turns out that it was not what was ordered, or for which there is a ready payment...

It's worth noting that there's a bit of a catch here - you are still at a stage where a stronger process is moving towards its completion. It could be said that the situation has come about for a reason.

Look for potentials from a broader perspective. Yes, you may have lost here, but don't dive into it further.

If you are doing well, what's happening may mean that this is a petty enough event to take it as a base.

In a relationship, it could look like flirting, that one party pays too much attention to or a serious quarrel for a silly reason.

59 Гексаграмма Раздробление
59 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 59 interpretation of the Book of Changes

There is nothing to grab onto. You have reached the stage of completion in your undertaking, yet you feel disoriented.

Most likely, you have been so tense recently, that after the issue has shifted, you don't know what to do with all that energy. You are running like the Road Runner in the famous cartoon.

Clean up after yourself. Collect the trash, freshen up your body, spend some energy on a  cosmetic upgrade. Important events are not expected at this point, but it is better to remove any lingering chaotic energy. This method is not merely about keeping oneself occupied; it will prove beneficial later. Currently, it eliminates the possibility of future complications.

6 Гексаграмма Суд

Hexagram 6 interpretation of the Book of Changes

6 гексаграмма.png

At this point you have reached the peak of your competence. This means that you can repeat your skill, but you can not jump higher.

Hexagram 6 tells us about the need to choose: what to do with what you have achieved so far?

If you go to the next round, most likely you will be bored. If you wish to rise to a higher level, you will be making considerable efforts and polishing new skills.

Just keep in mind that if you are an athlete and have finished your career, going into coaching will require additional training. There is also the option of repeating your previous record, but.....

It's up to you to decide...

In a relationship, this is the stage of stable identical days, which might be followed by either a breakup or a new round. The main thing here is not to get bogged down.

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