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External and internal

 Webinar held October 7 2017  in video format.

 Duration 1 h 30 min.

Here you can purchase the full record for the price of 650 rub 

Webinar on the relationship of personal vibrations with external events.


The webinar addressed the following questions:


- How see the connection between personal thoughts and external events?

- How does the victim mode and the Creator mode turn on?

- How is the illusion of separation from the outside world created?

- How easy it is to understand "why it doesn't work for me" and switch to clear mode of achieving desire;


Do you want to consciously attract events into your life? Then the webinar is for you.

 The webinar requires an extremely serious inner readiness to be the Creator of your body, and not someone who repairs it, relying on other people's instructions.


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