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Book of Changes. I-Ching
Interpretation of hexagrams
based on the trigram “Fire”

Trigram Li - "Fire"


Триграмма Небо (толкование книги перемен онлайн от lee)
Гексаграмма 49 Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 30 толкование Книги перемен

   2. This is a stage of defining, birthing of the general idea of direction before assessing its attractiveness. This requires wisdom and grace. Hasty decisions will lead to chaos.


First, define precisely what you need, and only then decide how to get it. The form is being born, but there is no pull yet. Your inner observer is strong enough to avoid outside influence in the choice of the best option.

Гексаграмма 55 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 36 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 22 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 63 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 37 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 13 толкование Книги перемен
49 Смена гексаграмма
49 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 49 interpretation of the Book of Changes

The hexagram indicates that this is the ideal place to begin formulating a strategy. You have studied the situation well enough to start elaborating on your ideas.

It's neither a time for relaxation nor for intense activity, but rather for a measured evaluation of your options.

Recognize that this marks the commencement of a cycle of defining a choice, yet it is not the time for making the choice. Now ideas and insights will start coming to you - write them down; the moment of resolution will soon arrive.

Regarding business decisions - it is a time for brainstorming and the birth of spontaneous ideas.

30 гексаграмма Сияние
30 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 30 interpretation of the Book of Changes

The moment of contact with your "I Am".

Here you receive a direct message from your "I Am", which clearly indicates some kind of insight.

The worst thing you can do here is to ignore your inner desires.

Observe the signs, the synchronicity of events, the signals coming from dreams.

Outwardly a bad signal can urge you to stop focusing on the subject right away. In other words, you are being protected and directed to the realization that you need to change your frequency.

Good signs mean that you have found a great idea, now explore it. The fastest way to materialize it will be to follow the idea, which will bring you the best results despite external obstacles. It's the star worth following.

гексаграмма 55 Изобилие
55 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 55 interpretation of the Book of Changes

This is the place and time to stick to your priorities.

Whatever enters the focus of your attention now, will keep you there. A passion or an obsession may appear here and keep you hooked for a long time.

Make sure that you choose to take with you something of value rather than suffering. It will either constantly energize, or constantly exhaust you.

How to make the best choice?

Keep in mind that this is only the inception, not the implementation. The first experience is just the beginning, get ready for more development in the same vein. You've just lit up a match in front of a large pile of drywood.

36 гексаграмма Поражение Света
36 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 36 interpretation of the Book of Changes

The stage when a precious gemstone can be ruined by additional faceting.

Be cautious not to scatter your attention. Any unnecessary option diminishes strength. You may be potentially on the verge of exhaustion because indecision and postponement is no longer viable. It is better to make any decision simply based on external attractiveness than to drag it out even further.

Potential onset of illness and depression.

The best decision is to trust your I Am right now.

Move forward swiftly and the situation will be resolved.

гексаграмма 22 Убранство
22 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 22 interpretation of the Book of Changes

A hectic moment.

This is your mastering of something that was not very easy. Emotions are already left behind, patience is needed now - to remove the remnants of the past, to tie up loose ends.

At this stage you will need to remain in action without doing. That is, do what needs to be done at the given moment, without thinking about how much work still remains.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step" are the words from the Tao Te Ching, meaning here that fear of the amount of work may force you to throw in the towel.

Now, simply, do what you have to do and you'll see how quickly everything will begin to come true.

Don't be tempted to pass your complaints to others - it won't help the cause, but it will disorient you.

63 гексаграмма Уже конец
63 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 63 interpretation of the Book of Changes

You are looking at the answer to a question that may seem completely alien to you now.

The hexagram indicates the moment in the cycle, where the decision already exists in its completeness, but the implementation stage is extremely raw.

It is recommended to take the essence of this position without falling into formality, otherwise it's easy to miss a great chance here.

The situation still needs to crystallize from what you are currently observing.

Pay attention to what you are bringing into as a side effect - it ought to be left behind, having taken only the essence.

37 гексаграмма Домашние
37 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 37 interpretation of the Book of Changes

It's time to take a break. Breathe and try to relax.

You are on the verge of completing the implementation of a new solution. It lies within your grasp, yet action must still be taken..

This hexagram emphasizes the need to shift the focus to future events. Explosive energy will soon be needed, and therefore, this is an ideal place for its accumulation.

The stage of contemplation has been passed, yet any activity is out of place. Collect all the details, study them without tension, perhaps some minute detail is still missing.

Someone else's experience may be appropriate, as prolonged focus on the subject could blur the view.

гексаграмма 13 Единомышленники
13 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 13 interpretation of the Book of Changes

The hexagram is telling you that you are on the threshold of an emotional event.

Something is ready to burst into your life and overwhelm you with emotions.

Regarding the issue, it is recommended to stand firm on your decision. You can get exactly what you will spend emotional energy on for the next few days.

What will you allow to begin to manifest?

Pay close attention to your emotional state when you are falling asleep, or getting up. The next 24 hours are going to be the decisive factor.

Remember - the situation has already been resolved within you, just choose an emotional wrapper for what you manifest externally.

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