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Webinar lee

This webinar closes the single definition of Being-Consciousness-…, presenting the overall picture of the manifested reality.

The human mind tries to separate one from the other, eventually creating pain and suffering in a place where there is only happiness and joy.


The webinar says:


- how the Unified Consciousness is connected with each individual;

- at what point does a person make a mistake, choosing adversity for himself;

What are physical objects made of?

- how the mind replaces joy with suffering;

- how to turn on the mode of real physical happiness and stay in it ALWAYS;

- how to create a continuous flow of well-being in a month;


The webinar will focus on completely “earthly matters”, real actions and objective events. Here, the real is not replaced by the “illusory”, but on the contrary, a way out of obsessive beliefs is created, which usually block access to the desired events.


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