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Instructions for reality

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For the people of the new age

Инструкция к реальности. Кто я? Книга автор lee

   Do you want to take full control of your life?

  This is a training book. The book is practiced, but cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_is just read. You can go through this practice on your own, comprehending the basics of absolute health, realizing the main ways to achieve your goals. The simple language of the book, illustrations close to those given in live trainings —everything is adapted for deep perception. This book  is an experience that will change your life. “Who are you, what is the purpose of your life?”   is a question, on  which the first book will help you answer.

V. Vasiliev: “This book is not about another way to attract desires. It is generally about how our thoughts are realized in life, and how we are realized.
 I can say that the book is changing my life right before my eyes. More precisely, I myself change my life, because I feel like the author of her script. If you have any doubts - to read or not, then compare it with your desire - whether I want to manage my health, my relationships, my well-being. Here is your answer." 


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Автор lee, Инструкция к реальности

Leave your adequate review and God will judge you :)

Your feedback:

  • Name Sergey November 26, 2016

  • Theme book lee who am I

  • Message The book somehow immediately made my way right up to the shiver. I started reading and I recognize myself in it. Such bliss to dive into awareness/recognition of yourself. The book also contains a technique for materializing thoughts, and how to meditate and online meditation itself, so to speak. Many thanks to the author! Now I am already reading your other books ...


  • Name Eva S 26 September, 2016

  • Theme book I am

  • Message It is gratifying that such a book has appeared in which one can find oneself. I read and re-read, tearing off more and more facets in myself. Many thanks to the author for the work!

  • Name Polischuk Anna 28 February, 2016

  • Theme new

  • Message The book is really for the people of the new era. Self-knowledge awakens. I open it on different pages and re-read it so as not to lose myself.


  • Name Pavlovtsev 20 January, 2016

  • Theme I am

  • Message Deep. It’s not the first day I’ve been studying myself and my abilities, but this book gave such a fresh impetus, as if I had just been born. I look forward to continuing.


  • Name Aleksey 18 January, 2016

  • Topic I think I found myself ...

  • The book surprised, amazed and answered many questions. I still train with the exercises that are described in the book. The main thing is the starting point that I got. Thank you! Highly recommend to everyone.


  • Name Sonya 5 January, 2016

  • Subject Review

  • Message Thank you for a good start to the year! For me it's like a rebirth - on the 15th one person leaves, and on the 16th another person meets. The book is powerful, I continue to practice. 


  • Name Alexander 28 December, 2015

  • Theme at last

  • Message I consider this book a serious step into the new reality that we have stepped into after 2012. This is the basis from which you need to build on understanding yourself. I marvel at how much misunderstanding around is broadcast in different sources, and how clearly it was possible to describe WHO I am with this book.


    Name Rima 16 December, 2015

  • Theme 5+

  • Message It is surprising that no one has ever presented such information in this way before. Accurate, clear, practical. No you "I had a case in the city of Bobruisk ...". The author simply on the bones, and even with exercises, brought up the topic Who I am. Everything is so obvious, clear, transparent, effective. Thank you!


  • Name Xenia 15 December, 2015

  • Theme book

  • Message I usually don't write comments, but here I want to say: like the theme of the book Who am I?, so the answer is given SUCH that you understand, everything else does not matter, everything fades and only the almighty You remains. I advise every person to read.


  • Name Valentin Evgenievich 15 December, 2015

  • Topic review of the book Instructions for reality

  • Message I did not expect this from myself. Another me, another world, other goals. Everything else. The mind-expanding exercise brought such mystical dreams that now I have no doubts about my meaning of life.


  • Name Eva Dibrova 14 December, 2015

  • Who am I

  • Message I originally read the Table of Contents and represented a slightly different book format. However, the surprise was more than pleasant. I would like to buy another printed version to give to friends.


  • Name alex 9 December, 2015

  • Subject: Thank you!!! 

  • I re-read the message again to throw off the obsessions of society with its fears and pressure. The world seems to have gone crazy, and such books are a breath of fresh air! My favorite quote from the exercise is "it's the problem of money coming your way." Although this book is not so much about money, but how a motivator works! Good luck and I want more!  


  • Name Elena 3 December, 2015

  • Topic BRAVO TO THE AUTHOR!!! Looking forward to new books

  • Message I hope that a society is not far off in which children will begin their education with "Instructions for Reality". And such authors are guides to a world where people realize the meaning of their lives and set their own development as their highest purpose, and not immersion in everyday life and accumulation. You need to work with this book - step by step, a very good name - “instruction ...” When reading, you feel the focus is not on the book (what will happen next), but on yourself and your awareness. In addition, a VERY CLEAR AND HUMORISTIC form of presentation of the material, a lot of information from different fields. I was especially impressed by the information about the Observer and liked the practice of neutralizing unwanted thoughts. BRAVO TO THE AUTHOR!!! And many thanks for sharing your knowledge. Of course, I am already in the joyful expectation of new books.



  • Name Pavel 14 November, 2015

  • Topic Everything you want to know about yourself!

  • Message Book for those who want who wants to know themselves! One of the few books in this genre with SPECIFIC examples! Read "in one breath", follow the EXERCISES described in this book and CREATE your reality consciously! The result will be instant! Develop habitual beliefs! Think about it, what if YOU are in control of your reality? But what if you are the creator, and not external factors? What if you could learn to consciously manage events, people, your health and your body? Surely - you have already thought that: "well, let's say so, but how to do it? What is the concept?" All this and much more - you will find in this book! From myself I can say that after reading everything becomes even more interesting! :)





















  Why the alias?


The book "Instruction to Reality" was written in such a way that each reader can feel like the author of his own life. Any examples from the life of the author of the book would be an imposition of a point of view, which is highly undesirable. You either create your reality consciously, or you will be led by other people. "Instruction to Reality" is an open road for you, the reader. Walk on it and enjoy your opportunities.

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