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Author about himself

Hello! I am lee.

I was born in 1974 in the country then known as the USSR. I knew from birth that I was going be a wizard. As a young child, I even performed what people would call miracles. As I was growing older, it was clearly pointed out to me that miracles do not exist, and that the world is pragmatic. I did not quite believe it, because our family kept some ancient texts that have been used by my great-great-grandmother, who was a famous “vedunya”, a medicine woman, who was extremely skilled in healing.


As a child, all of a sudden, I discovered that I could turn off pain in my body. This was a step towards realizing that I am not the body. And the next step was getting to know the body as something that I can control and regulate. And so the last time I visited doctors was the moment of a medical examination at the army recruitment office in the 1990s. Today, I do not take any medication, I have completely forgotten, for instance, what a cold is, and I do not follow any diets or dietary restrictions.


For some time, I have been willingly healing people, curing them from serious diseases that required surgery. But later it became clear that I could do much more by teaching people how not to get sick than by pulling them out of crisis. Later still, there came an understanding that it was essential to teach using mass media.


My experience on TV proved to be instructive. Producers tested me on the subject of various “miracles”, requiring showing on screen things which were not related to awareness and insight, but rather to something sensational. "A Battle of Psychics" is a vivid example of a TV show in this format. These shows are also of some use - they shift the viewer's perception to understanding that "there is more out there." But a show is not something that will give you an understanding of yourself. Thus, my real choice shifted to the format of book publishing.


I emphasized in the books that a person should test the knowledge by applying it to their own experience. And the best way to do it is directly while reading the book.

The webinars do not comment on books, but provide a sequence of materials for those who want to keep improving their Creativity, that is, to create conscious reality of their preference.


What do I want to teach?

From the very start, you have abilities to create your life. You are the Cause of all events in your life.


What is the way to teach it?

By giving someone a step-by-step experience of knowing who they are. Experience, in the first place! The more experience is gained, the more expanded our perception gets. The more our comprehension grows, the higher the level of self-awareness. As our awareness grows, our experience changes in quality. Gradually, people come to a new perception of themselves and create miracles in their lives, which are no miracles at all, but in effect consequences of a direct realization of their abilities.


Today I can turn off thoughts and completely switch to "direct perception" called samadhi. I observe my past lives, read other people’s thoughts, scan the future, influence events. But all this is a consequence of the growth in self-awareness, and not a collection of abstract knowledge.


You are a Creator, dear reader! You are the Greatest Creator of all. Only not knowing yourself keeps you on a leash of “random incidents". Truly, you are a lion in sheep's skin, which you can throw off if you so choose. If you learn to be the best sheep you can possibly be, you have a chance of becoming one for a while. But if you realize that you are the Lion, you will never ever lose this.

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