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Book of Changes. I-Ching
Interpretation of hexagrams
based on the trigram “Earth”

Trigram  Kun - "Earth"


Триграмма Небо (толкование книги перемен онлайн от lee)

4. This is the stage where the mind seeks a solution sorting through various options. It is a period of internal chaos, dispute and struggle.

Ideally would be to find a solution without mind’s involvement or to choose any option based on emotions – the one that you like better. If you don't pass this stage quickly, the mind’s logic can promptly turn it into stress.

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Гексаграмма 35 толкование Книги перемен
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45 гексаграмма Воссоединение
45 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 45 interpretation of the Book of Changes

This is the point where an idea suits your mood.

It's an ideal spot for planning and methodically thinking through the phases of the project implementation. This is where you ought to sit down and write down what you want to see in a year, two ... five ... ten years.

A weak position can emerge if, instead of planning "how to implement this step by step", you begin to entertain variations of the plan - maybe this way, or maybe that way.

Remember, whatever you see now, will become realized, so avoid creating internal conflicts.

35 гексаграмма Восход
35 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 35 interpretation of the Book of Changes

A phantom position. Somewhat damp and inappropriate to draw conclusions.

The hexagram indicates that your energy here is still weak and unformed.

Waiting, gently raising vibrations, for instance by taking a walk in the fresh air, is advisable. Treat yourself to something delicious, buy a gift for yourself or someone else.

Acting from this stance or embarking on significant ventures is not recommended - you will quickly run dry.

16 гексаграмма Вольность
16 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 16 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Emotions interfere with your thoughts. Disorder and inconstancy within ideas.

For a given position, the positive thing can be that you generate different options for a subsequent analysis. You have plenty of energy for creativity.

Create sketches and be sure to capture them. Now is not the time to choose the best version, but you can spontaneously produce something original, which can then be soberly evaluated and cut into a beautiful diamond.

The weak point here may be that you underestimate something or, on the contrary, give it too much importance.

This is a characteristic position: "the morning is wiser than the evening". It is evening now, but who will stop the flight of your thoughts?

2 гексаграмма Исполнение
2 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 2 interpretation of the Book of Changes

It's the place and time to make a decision. You probably have one, and perhaps something has been holding you back. But it's time, leave your doubts behind.

It's a complete earthing, there is no space for flight of thought, no place for emotions and not even a place for choice - everything is already in the launch stage.

The weak position is in any delay of your choice which will create prostration - a missed opportunity and later apathy.
If you're in trouble, it's time to move past it in one step.

The strength is in support - all signs are on your side. This is where the saying, "what must be, must be" comes into play. It does not mean predetermination, but it means that you yourself have already heated up the situation to this phase.

23 гексаграмма Разрушение
23 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 23 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Hexagram 23 indicates that you have not yet come to terms with the situation that you yourself have created.

If you got here, it means you were caught up in some late news or dubious data has surfaced.It's like a bridge that was built and its piles appeared too weak for the current load.

The way out of this situation is to get your act together and not to panic. Resolve the issue as quickly and calmly as possible.

The situation when a categorical “no” is in place, no longer postponing it for tomorrow. Procrastination will create even more problems that will bury you.

Most likely the decision is not simple, but now it is the only right one - tomorrow you will see how the space in front of you has been cleared.

The strength is that your determination will be supported even where you don't expect it.

8 Приближение
8 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 8 interpretation of the Book of Changes

You have yet to bring your idea to realization. It would seem that a lot has been done, but some effort is still needed. They are not connected with the necessity to choose anything, but with the need to implement it.

This is a stage of a certain balance, in which you still need to swing the scales in your direction. Perhaps, you have a brilliant plan ready, but remember that others may see it in a completely different light.

This situation is comparable to when you walk through the forest for a long time and you are totally unaware that behind those trees over there, is a path to your goal. At the same time you may have doubts - how much longer do I have to go?

The answer is that you have only a short way to go, but you must not stop.

20 гексаграмма Созерцание
20 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 20 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Hexagram 20 indicates that you are on the threshold of the door, in which it is time to enter. You are looking back, looking forward, but you are still not ready to take a step.

It is understandable – you have gone through a lot, you have gone through an intense phase of birthing ideas, excitement and doubt. Are you savoring the past right now or are you afraid to let it go?

Whatever it is, it's time to move on. In fact, you no longer have a choice, everything has been decided, and you are now connecting with your past merely in your mind.

12 гексаграмма.png
12 гексаграмма Упадок

Hexagram 12 interpretation of the Book of Changes

A very specific position. You got stuck in that which has already passed, has lived itself out, assumed form and, perhaps, made you weary.

Your position isn't going to encourage your growth in any way.

In order to move on, recall your recent dreams, your aspirations - are you sure that you have realized them or did you just give up?

A healthy anger can most likely bring you out of this state - as a disagreement to stay in this place.

Are you a Creator or a victim?

Give yourself an answer!

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