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  DAO Book of Changes 

  Interpretation of I Ching

Full transcript of the Book of Changes in accordance with the original meaning of the DAO  

The essence of the interpretation of hexagrams or "fortune-telling" according to the Book of Changes


Нажмите для расшифровки триграмма Небо
Триграмма  Дуй - "Озеро"
Триграмма  Ли  - "Огонь"
Нажмите для расшифровки триграмма Земля

The cycle is based on eight stages - trigrams , each of which symbolizes the process of formation of events in the dual world.

1. Coming out of rest

2. Taking shape

3. Emergence of energy

4. Birth of options

5. Dominant of one of the options

6. Variant materialization

7. Integration

8. System entry into rest state



Within each cycle there is a metamorphosis - a transition from one stage to another.

Knowing the cycle and its stage, you can identify which actions at this stage will be the most effective.

You look deep into yourself and get a hint of how to move Now from your position.

How to get an answer?

триграмма гора
триграмма гром
триграмма вода
триграмма ветер

1. Formulate your question according to the type:

  My situation

What should be done now in connection with this situation?

2. Focusing on this request, take 3 identical coins.

3. Flip 3 coins to get a variant of one trait:

Yang - solid - 2 or 3 eagles

Yin - intermittent 2 or 3 tails

  4. Draw the bottom line of the trigram.

5. Repeat the process twice and get three

traits - trigram.

Гадание по книге перемен

6. Go to the description of the trigram and read its meaning (click on the picture).

7. Repeat a series of three throws, remembering to focus on the question. Write the second trigram and place on top of it.

8. Study the resulting hexagram. It will show you what is relevant to the issue and recommendations for resolving it.

Message sent, thanks!

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