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Zen by lee

Дзен от lee. Что есть Дзен?

Что такое Дзэн? Дзен таро Ошо - гадание или Дао? А что внутри вас? Каков ваш главный вопрос?

Zen by lee is not a tribute to traditions that have never been the essence of Zen, it is not a philosophy - it is a simple focus on its essence.

 You always know you exist, you don't need meditation to know. But what is needed? These videos have those questions that may help you understand what you personally need. 

 Answer questions, see other people's answers on the channel below each video.

 Do not rush to move from one video to another, stop at the question, live it...



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Дзен от lee. Часть 1. Что есть Дзэн?

Дзен от lee. Часть 1. Что есть Дзэн?

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Дзен от lee.  Часть 2

Дзен от lee. Часть 2

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Дзен от lee. Часть 3.

Дзен от lee. Часть 3.

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Дзен от lee.  Часть 4

Дзен от lee. Часть 4

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In general, understanding the essence of Zen will give you the answer to the question "Who am I?". If this question interests you, then let's analyze this topic a little.

The essence of Zen in modern society is so distorted that it is worth immediately highlighting the basis. Of course, the basis is Zen Buddhism, its ideas. However, if Buddhism in the modern world is already a religion, then Zen is ...

First, Zen is a method.

And here the brevity of the definition should express itself. It is "method", and not any other word that various dictionaries use in the description - not religion, not philosophy, not tradition.

What's the method?

Self-realization method. And not a method of self-knowledge, namely awareness. You can know yourself for an infinitely long time, but to realize only once. Enlightenment begins with this - a person suddenly realizes that he Exists.

Do you think this is strange?

Not at all, most people easily agree that they are alive, but it is very difficult to come to the fact that you Exist. The fact is that at the same time comes the understanding that Existence is eternal by its definition. All this leads to the realization that you are more than a cannibal soup kit.

Here's what to say at this point...

Second, Zen is not a philosophy.

That is, it is precisely the "method" and not reasoning. Behind the understanding of this "second" is an important understanding - self-awareness comes not from a philosophical game of logic, but through self-discovery. By the way, this method was used by Socrates - by asking questions, he led a person to a discovery and left him with some kind of revelation. He did not philosophize, but used the method.

You may be very surprised at how simple questions can turn out to be difficult.

Thirdly, it is important to emphasize that Zen is not a tradition.

Any tradition, sooner or later, exists for its own sake, and not because of the effectiveness of its application in this particular case. That is, it contradicts the very meaning of the method.


And here is a simple example - a weapon. The more "traditional" the weapon, the less likely it is to win the war. A more peaceful example is technology. The more "traditional" your computer is, the more it will look like a calculator. Here's the bottom line - any method is effective only for its time.

If Zen remains a tradition, then as a method it loses its meaning. That is why it is believed that over the past two hundred years, the Zen that you know has been continuously degrading. 

You can read more about the benefits of meditation here.

Zazen meditation

How to meditate is the main question that a person who pays attention to Zen asks. There are different types of meditation, but here we will consider the most common method.

Дзадзен медитация


This is the "classic" method of zazen. By it is meant a seemingly simple sitting meditation, but everything is not what it looks like on the inside.

What is special about zazen?

The secret here is not in the pose, and even more so not in the ritual strikes of the bell, clothes and other "beauties". This is the practice of "taming" the mind. It is needed in order to separate thinking from direct perception. The ego likes to comment on what it sees so much that it often replaces its essence with old judgments. As a result, a person simply does not notice reality, he continuously recreates it with his thinking, walking in a vicious circle.

Please note: the purpose of zazen is  is to "learn the truth" about yourself. If you have not yet learned to meditate, then for now you will have to take the word that you really are not yet familiar with oneself. Let's move on.

The whole process of preparing for zazen begins with the moment intention to focus on silence. You are not just distracted by meditation, you go to this process purposefully.

This is where   is born Stage 1  —the intention to turn off the mind for a while.

The second stage is a symbolic beginning - landing in a pose. For her, the absence of tension in the body is important. Any tension will automatically generate thoughts. This is worth remembering at Step 2. Beginner mistakes are over-emphasis on correct posture, which often leads to the opposite effect - discomfort is created instead of relaxation.

The third factor or stage is breathing. What is its feature? Just watch your inhalation and exhalation. It distracts the mind. Here he solves a simple problem - to follow the breath. Here is the true secret of this stage. As soon as you have qualitatively "established surveillance", the mind stops giving rise to distracting thoughts.

What's next?

A very, very subtle moment: feel your existence. This is by no means a banality, not a philosophical reasoning. You follow your breath and feel yourself outside of what your body feels. Smells, sounds, bodily feelings disappear and ... And then Something happens


Медитация дзадзен
как медитировать в дзен
дзен дзадзен состояние

You suddenly realize that your existence does not need thoughts about yourself at all. Here is the opening! Without personal practice it is impossible to explain it in words. This is the purpose of zazen. Any master will immediately understand whether you have felt this state or are trying to formulate it in words. And the better your mood, the deeper you sink into the feeling of Existence. Congratulations - you have met your I Am.

How long does it take to meditate?

The answer will come by itself. For the first time you will only slightly touch the immersion, and after ten minutes the posture will begin to weigh you down, thoughts will begin to bother you again. This is the criterion - the return of thinking. At the initial stage, thinking itself returns due to the “wow, is this really it!” effect. The brain will urgently want to comment on the conscious self-discovery. This is fine. The more you practice zazen, the less you will surprise yourself, increasing the depth of this state.

That is why masters can sit for hours in meditation – there is no reason to break the silence. Later, you will learn to determine the exit time by the physical state, and not because of the birth of thoughts - the body will give a signal that it is time for it to move.

In general, a deep dive usually lasts within an hour. For zazen, this is enough, longer periods are a slightly different practice, which we will consider separately.

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Zen music

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