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Dear guests of the site, if you have any questions related to the purchase of materials, please read the text below.

1. How to buy a book or a webinar?

Materials from the site are sold using the  Pay Pal, Wayforpay systems and will be available after payment  through the GoogleDrive or Yuotube systems

After payment, you will be sent an email containing files with links to download books or webinars. Everything is simple.


2. After payment, you did not find a link with a book. What to do?

If for some reason you did not receive the link, please write a letter using the message form (it is on each page) or address with payment details (exact time of payment and material you purchased). 

We don't ask for any  buyer data, so sometimes it takes time to identify the payment. In any case, usually issues with payments are resolved within a day.

Excellent! The message is received.

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