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sacred knowledge


Webinar on how Consciousness creates the Universe.


The purpose of this webinar is to show the foundation that exists at the base of all processes, as well as to convey the essence of where key mistakes in self-awareness occur.


The webinar  covered the following topics:

1. The origins of the Universe and the keys that are available to us for decoding:

- The beginning of mankind, early civilizations;

- Tao ;

- Vedas;

- Sacred geometry;

- Avatars, messiahs and others...

2. Space-time.

3. What is an illusion and why is it illusory.

4. A little about mystification and abuse - where the sacral turns into worship, and the way of knowing - into a set of templates.

4. What practical application can be obtained from the realization of Consciousness.


This webinar was created in order to consider the whole picture, and then study its parts more qualitatively.

Strictly speaking, the main task of the webinar is to clear the garbage from the imposed patterns of both "official" science and "esoteric knowledge".


We look, glue, realize and move forward ...


You are ready?

Вебинар lee Сакральные знания
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