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Book of Changes. I-Ching
Interpretation of hexagrams
based on the trigram “Lake”

Trigram  Dui - "Lake"


Триграмма Небо (толкование книги перемен онлайн от lee)

  1. You are full of energy and determination to make a change, to start a new life. It's a good time for a fresh start. The more radical the changes that you have in mind, the grander the scale of events that will follow them.


It’s a time of dreaming, visualizing, searching for a new place to live, a new job, and so on. It's best to avoid repeating the old methods, because it might disappoint in the long run. While they may be effective now, think about how to do things differently in the future. If you raise the bar now, you will be able to achieve even more than what you have previously accomplished.

Гексаграмма 58 Радость толкование
Гексаграмма 41 толкование Книги перемен
38 гексаграмма толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 60 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 61 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 19 толкование Книги переменГексаграмма 19 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 10 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 54 толкование Книги перемен
58 радость гексаграмма
58 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 58 interpretation of the Book of Changes

The beginning of all beginnings. Your state here is very robust, yet you already feel the need for transformation.

It is far too early to take any action concerning the question at hand. This is just a period of evaluation of your strengths and vulnerabilities.

Take note of your accomplishments thus far without attempting to repeat it. This is the point of searching for new answers.

A weak solution would be some hasty actions and an attempt to jump to premature conclusions.

The ideal action is to gather more information regarding your question.

38 разлад гексаграмма
38 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 38 interpretation of the Book of Changes

The question contains a combination of fire as source and flame as its light. But this is not a question of resolving the situation - it's your uncertainty. The point where the mind and “I Am” are at odds with each other.

Not a critical place, but it is worth paying a little more attention to what genuinely feels like it's coming from the inner Self.

A weak position stems from the mind's disbelief in the possibility of a favorable outcome. Logic is powerless here, it misses the opportunities that are not yet visible.

The ideal move is the acceptance of one's inner desire "the way I want it", concentrating on the inner world and meditation.

54 Невеста гексаграмма
54 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 54 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Something that can prompt premature decision-making based on emotions.

Beware of your impulses, especially if they seem to be "right". No accurate, well-considered solution or insight is available at this point, only an emotional response.

The weak side here will be to react to any accusation, someone's judgment and everything that comes from the outside with the negative connotation.

The ideal solution is to create a consistent high vibration, that is, steady positive emotions countering the situation. They will indicate that you have got hold of the accurate estimation, which will quickly lead you to the new updated information concerning your question.

Гексаграмма 19 Посещение
19 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 19 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Your situation is showing that different information is coming to you about how to act in the future. The key point is "different."

Collect the data and allow the mind to understand it, to evaluate it, and not to conclude what is better or worse. Perhaps you are being told something contradictory and it is confusing you.

A weak position is to remain indecisive, paying attention to just one fact. Otherwise, for some time this “fact” may knock the ground out from under your feet.

The ideal development is to remember exactly what it is you want and be stable in it. Look at everything with healthy irony, use humor in evaluating what's going on.

Гексаграмма 41 Убыль
41 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 41 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Don't try to force a decision, especially out of fear or deceptive appearances. This is the worst position to be in regarding marriage or a business deal.

The hexagram indicates that without wisdom this situation cannot be of advantage for oneself. It is better not to act, but to allow other events to manifest, which will point you to your strength.

It is possible that you, yourself, have created this obstacle. Try to rise above everything that is happening and see the whole picture.

Гексаграмма 60 Ограничение
60 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 60 interpretation of the Book of Changes

It may seem to you that you've found the perfect way, but... But something is still not taken into account. You are missing something, despite the outward certainty. Your situation has a hidden possibility that tomorrow you may receive some shocking news.

In general, everything is stable, but you can not succumb to external security. Slow down and let the Universe show you what you are missing.

It would be a weakness to consider yourself impeccable in your assessment of the situation, you will soon pay the price for being so short-sighted.

The ideal action is bankruptcy, some of you might ignore or study information that was previously put aside in a rush, check your watch or compare the data.

Гексаграмма 61 внутренняя правда
61 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 61 interpretation of the Book of Changes

You are close to the ideal solution. What can interfere now are the well-wishers - people who slip in the old patterns, defending the opinion that "it was better in the good old days."

This is the point where geniuses were convinced by the critics that the crowd is always right - thus in this place a genius was turned into just another talented worker.

Perhaps your question isn't about being a genius, but inside you definitely have a unique solution. Don't miss it.

You can depend on the sense of that delight that arises from dreaming about something desirable and impossible. Right now you are just on the cusp of discovering that, which will transcend the impossible.

Гексаграмма 10 Наступление
10 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 10 interpretation of the Book of Changes

This hexagram indicates that your decision is perfect. Stay with it and proceed to find ways of realization.

The greatest harm at this point is the thought of your own unworthiness. You can't do anything worse - it's unacceptable!

Perhaps, now you are looking at one of the best potentials you've ever had in your life. Don't miss out on it!

Go for it!

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