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Book of Changes. I-Ching
Interpretation of hexagrams
based on the trigram “Thunder”

Trigram  Zhen - "Thunder"


Триграмма Небо (толкование книги перемен онлайн от lee)

   3. The most emotional stage in the situation. Here the distance between "I can" and "I want" is born. This period may cause some heightened emotions regarding your question. The best course of action is to stop at the idea "I can" and remain at high vibrational frequencies.


When dealing with external circumstances, you may concentrate on the belief that "everything will work out in my favor." If you get caught up in thoughts of lack or impossibility, you will likely experience an emotional downturn, pain and the potential loss of what you have had all along.

Гексаграмма 17 толкование Книги переменГексаграмма 17 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 21 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 51 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 24 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 27 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 3 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 42 толкование Книги перемен
Гексаграмма 25 толкование Книги перемен
17 гексаграмма Последование
17 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 17 interpretation of the Book of Changes

It's the first impulse towards what you really need to implement.

The important point is to recognize it as soon as it appears. If you have received this hexagram, it indicates that you have received a sign from your Higher Self, meaning - "that's it".

At this point it's better not to rush and delve into various options "maybe so, and maybe differently", otherwise you will miss the signal and create a lot of unnecessary variants, doubts, and consequently contradictions.

The strong point is that if you follow the signal, your desire will materialize quite quickly.

The signal looks like a short emotional outburst, perhaps something external that spoke to you. It's a synchronistic message-clue that something similar is coming into your life.

21 гексаграмма Стиснутые зубы
21 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 21 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Hexagram 21 means that you are under the influence of a specific emotion or situation that gave rise to it.

Now it is important not to give in to its deepening. Remember that this is an impulsive influence of the moment, and not at all a guide to action.

Try to keep yourself in control, to transform this event into an abstraction - very soon you will see options, and perhaps other sides of it.

The intervention of cold calculation, analytics and/or the advice of an experienced person is required.

The weakness will be dissipating energy into chit chat, gossip, complaining, boasting and the like.

This is the exact place where your talking about your desires leads to their blockage. Make a wish - keep quiet!

51 гексаграмма Возбуждение-молния
51 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 51 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Stop! You are now drifting, all the energy is directed to the emotions that scatter you.

At this point, you are not solving the issue, rather, you are providing a release for the pent-up energy.

There are two useful options here:

- direct your emotions to healthy entertainment, sports, outdoor activities;

- focus on love and well-being.

Don't make decisions, don't try to get lost in alcohol and the like - the hangover will be tough.

Any destructive emotion will rapidly multiply itself.

24 гексаграмма Возврат
24 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 24 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Perhaps, you are a little confused and lost in what you really want. Something in between "either smart or beautiful" and "either tasty or healthy."

The hexagram says you've put yourself in an inappropriate position. Avoid such a choice - you're the one who made it up. Some of your beliefs say that there is no choice, but only because you have corned yourself.

Remember, that you are indeed the Creator and you are the one who creates such situations. No matter how ridiculous it may seem now, try to reconsider the space of choice itself. The way out is in this re-evaluation.

Keep in mind the expression: "there are no hopeless situations" - this is the truth, which will help you to get out.

P.S. Later,(after it has been resolved) remember how the solution suddenly appeared and make a note of it for the future!

27 гексаграмма Питание
27 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 27 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Hexagram 27 indicates that you are in the stage of curbing emotions, trying to settle on some decision.

Perhaps, you are a little exhausted from searching for options or from the fact that earlier you have allowed yourself an inappropriate emotional outburst, when something seemed close to you and then floated away from your hands.

Know that the solution is indeed near, yet you need to give yourself a little rest now to refresh your perception.

Replace the phrase "I'm getting tired of thinking about it" with "I'm ready for what will open up for me."

Now it will be useful for you to compliment yourself and remember past successes - they will support you and create the right wave to move quickly to a solution.

Accordingly, a weak position is to think about why it didn't work out before. Well, this "formerly unsuccessful thing" is already over, and now a completely different situation is forming itself.

3 гексаграмма Начальная трудность
3 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 3 interpretation of the Book of Changes

So, you have taken the first step and have already come a certain distance. Now you are at the point where you can decide that the whole road will be as difficult or....

That's exactly the point - the next stage will depend on your attitude to the situation. If you NOW brace yourself for difficulties and hardships, know that this will be the resolution of the situation.

The weakness of this position is that there is a cause for the negative attitude – it's your previous experience.

The strength of the position is that it points to a simpler development of the situation than the one you think of.

Move away from drama to comedy. Remember, that this is what hexagram 3 is hinting at - everything will be easier if you tune in to it now.

You will need a sincere smile and a kind support from your friends, but not their condolences - avoid pity at this stage!

42 гексаграмма Приумножение
42 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 42 interpretation of the Book of Changes

Hexagram 42 indicates that "the party is over, but the treats are still there." That is, you have no reason to worry, but something is still bothering you. It's merely the lingering effect of a past event.


At this point, it is worth noting that your current state of mind is entirely focused on shaping future events.


If you are in anticipation of something positive, then your alignment directly indicates - "yes, move in this direction."


A weak position is to be in a state of fear. In this case, it is recommended to refrain from both actions and decisions.Try to turn it all into something trivial and insignificant, like a broken plate, and then discard this plate and forget about it.


If you find yourself in a state of love or hope - let it guide you in the immediate future - as all of it will blossom.

25 гексаграмма Беспорочность
25 гексаграмма.png

Hexagram 25 interpretation of the Book of Changes

It looks like you are on the right path. You have the right attitude and the perfect place to choose your option for the action that will lead you to your goal by the shortest route.

Finding a solution and the decision from this position will be the most balanced and flawless for this position.

Know that it is not about the final action, but about the transition into the stage of choice. That is, from here the support of the Higher Self is transmitted through you. You are on the same wavelength.

Catch the wave, while you are here, you can solve many different issues. It's a great place to close a lot of issues in one go.

One word of caution - do not dive into conflicting options, you may lose this balance.

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