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Here you can purchase a recording of lee webinars in which did not participate.
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This is a series of webinars that were held in 2017-2018. They are designed for an audience that has the skills to communicate with their "I". These skills have been comprehensively worked out in previous webinars.


5th Dimension

Lee webinars in recommended courses on_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_our project

All lee webinars are demonstrations of how to realize the power thought.


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  • Name: Lyudmila Frolova 

  • September 18, 2016

  • Message:

About lee webinars.

  I am a regular participant of all lee webinars. The information in the books captured me so much that I read them in one breath and then re-read them.

  Before that, for more than 10 years, I was engaged in various energy practices, I read a bunch of books on esotericism. But what I got from lee's books is invaluable. I immediately resonated with them, something inside me responded, as if this information had been familiar to me for a long time, and I only now realized it. Therefore, I gladly accepted the information about his webinars.

 What can I say about webinars? They were a turning point in my life for me. The practices that lee gives at webinars are very simple and, most importantly, effective. My life began to slowly change for the better with the practice of “Perfect Day”, then it helps me a lot  defining myself when I wake up. It is difficult to overestimate the effect of this practice. I would especially like to note the practical setting in the webinar "Who am I?". As soon as my energy level drops, dissatisfaction with everything and everyone turns on, I immediately remember this setting or turn on the recording from this webinar, and immediately everything changes.

 I learned a lot from the body webinar. Every day begins with a smile, setting up for the coming day, birches. It's all so simple, but someone had to give a kick? This kick for me was getting to know lee.

 And how much informative and interesting (and again with practical application) I received from the webinars "Beyond Life and Death" and "Dreams"!  It's all about yourself, do not be lazy and do it if you want to change your life. I still have a lot to work on myself (I don’t want to define myself with low vibrations),  but, most importantly, I now know that I am on the right track.

 I am very grateful to lee for his webinars, help and support and invaluable information that he generously shares with us!

I really enjoyed the information in the Persuasion webinar!! He somehow connected for me all the information from you and my personal experiences. Not everything falls immediately utilitarian on the matrix of awareness, but the overall shift in direction to CONTROL is colossal. In general, I saw many aspects from your materials (through the fabric of space) myself before, as a multi-layered timeless reality, but I myself could not understand and structure the visions. Your materials gave me a view from above, in the picture of which FINALLY, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIFE, all the unusual puzzles and extrasensory visions I saw fit into. I am very glad to meet you. And special thanks for your practice-formulations! Such a simple word is DELIGHT)) but since the last webinar, it just blows my mind from its application to the body, to life. This is ingenious - so ignite in one word !! Thank you for your work!

I share my CONSCIOUSNESS. Once upon a time, I read that it is worth excluding reflections on how it is possible for me to get what I want, because this path is built not from me to what I want, but from what I want to me. That there are thousands of ways and options, thanks to which I will get what I want and it is not worth deliberately creating restrictions. The main thing is to establish yourself in the knowledge that "THIS IS MINE" with the appropriate sensations, without any shadow of doubt, and keep only at this level, not descending from it.
So, this thought sometimes popped up in me, and at the same time it was somehow superficial ... not penetrating deeply ...
And today, for the first time, when I went to your telegram channel, I immediately saw your answer to the question about materialization, I quote: “Desire attracts you, not you. Realize this logic and you will not go astray. Never.
Desire attracts you. Desire attracts you. Don't you him.
Attraction is high vibrations, these are good emotions, this is a feeling of Here and Now, these are pleasant sensations from what is in front of you, these are pleasant sensations from what you represent. "And I suddenly realized this, the knowledge came to me that this that's the only way it happens.Thank you.
I will be glad if you comment and add.

There is an awareness of myself, an awareness that I am the creator of my life and only I do it with the help of my thoughts. Instead of being discouraged, whining, think how I want and create myself and my life in love and harmony.
Abundance courses in 21 days and other webs are very helpful. They are all necessary and useful. But there are still many complexes, old programs of not allowing yourself.


Thank you Leah for all your knowledge !! don't stop! since childhood I see a lot and just have no one to share with! my life was beautiful, at the age of 24 I fulfilled all my dreams and more, in short, I became cool quickly and on my own. But the fashion for spiritual development has gone .... business collapsed, beloved died. Now life is even more beautiful than it was, I realized that everything is in me. You appeared in my life when it was sooo necessary. Continue. Hug.


I read your articles with gratitude, I watch available webinars. I have read your books. I recorded my audio recordings of exercises from books and I do them with pleasure. I have gone through many different trainings. I have mastered and conduct sessions of Bars (by the way, it relaxes the body very well when overloaded with information that has long been outdated, and the brain "twists" it). For many years I have been engaged in the psychology of relationships and I always find something new. After reading your books, I began to look at many things easier, without overload. I rethought everything that seemed important and left only what is really important. I am happy to master the vibrations and perform your tasks. Thank you for the magic of knowing yourself. Peace to you and your home.


I first heard about you for the first time about 5 years ago, I think, but then I honestly understood it, it seemed, but it was difficult Now I again attracted your vibrations to your information BUT there is no such stupor as the first time I think then I was not ready for I Am, it doesn’t matter what size my intention is, but for now I’m dividing by size - the ego doesn’t let me relax to the end) You can tell a lot, I think there won’t be enough pages here, but from the bottom of my Soul I thank you for being in my reality.


The meaning of life webinar, especially the last half hour, seemed to give me the key to a new life. I listened randomly to all the webinars, so I wanted to, and this webinar became a revelation. Since childhood, I have been fond of "mysticism", the search for the one who created us, etc. I listened to a ton of information, but it was your webinars that gave a new round of understanding and awareness. It always seemed to me that everything is too complicated for everyone, for Zeland, for example, you must definitely eat germinated sprouts, otherwise you will never succeed, etc. Thank you! I am at the beginning of a new turn in my life.


Focus of attention - 3 just fire! 🔥 Thank you! I felt how much you have invested. Thank you for being so collected (as it seemed to me) 🙏🏼 Personally, I almost miss your more detailed answers to the questions that the webinar participants ask, the questions are very interesting 😊 Although what you do in the “question-answer” section probably compensates over and above!!!!! Huge thanks for this thread! My life is changing uuuuuu 🔥 I hug you from the Heart! Your wife Svetlana and your beautiful pets!😘😘😘😘


Damn , so cool! In one of the webinars, you said that when you spend money on things you really want, they come back. I got the process working in 2-3 weeks. Really a money conveyor: I bought all the lipsticks I wanted at crazy discounts (I haven’t reached the Guerlain collection yet, but it’s close)) and in a day this amount falls literally out of thin air, completely from unexpected cracks. I don’t even know my wallet, so immediately it came twice as much))🌝
I feel like a very successful zucchini, enjoying a trip to a bowl of wishing salad)) And most importantly, everything is done with anticipation and curiosity about which you spoke. - enjoy life and look forward) Thank you❤️

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