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  A rather strange practice has developed in the modern world - to divide Being into "spiritual" and "material" components. This created two peculiar  spaces for religion and science. Each space pretends that the other does not exist. As if the left and right hand of man declared a boycott to each other. Isn't it obvious that this is ridiculous?

 Several hundred years ago, only religion interpreted the laws of being, which is probably why modern science "takes revenge" for being the pathetic stepdaughter of theologians. But now it's time to put everything in its place, calling things as they really are. And despite the fact that each person creates a personal reality, the basic laws of creation remain unshakable.

 There can be no abstract "spirituality" without a very concrete physical reality. And physical reality itself cannot exist without a single agreed upon principle, if you will, without an “idea.” Science has already realized the fact that physical matter is not a set of space debris, not chaos and not destruction. Science is already forced to talk about the "Observer", at least for the description of quantum effects.

 And what do you think, what is called "esotericism" or "magic"  - is it built on other principles than are inherent in quanta? Think the "subconscious" is a weird black box in your head? Do you think that consciousness is something indefinite? Do you think your mind is a product of electrochemical reactions? Do you think that intuition is a set of coincidences? Do you think evolution is random? And the collective consciousness of ants is just a billion chaotic events in the life of insects?

 Well, you have a chance to look at the world from a different point of view, from the position of what you cannot deny - from the position of your Being.

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