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  From the author.

 I used to heal people - with my hands, with my eyes, at a distance, by phone or simply by using a mental appeal. But, you know, this makes no sense, because a person destroys himself, no matter how much you treat him. It turned out that the most effective thing is to acquaint a person with his body - the treatment stops, the moment of creation comes.

 To be honest, I'm glad that the time for this book has come. It seems to me that this book is a freedom from the dogmas that have reigned for so long that people have long forgotten how easy it is to be healthy. Not to be treated, not to be saved, not to defend, not to survive, but to be healthy. It's very, very simple.

 Nothing threatens you, you can choose a healthy and long life if you wish.

 Most likely, much of what is described here, you know or felt as correct, but were afraid to admit. Most likely, you guessed a lot, but considered your opinion erroneous - after all, there are so many authorities who talk about the dangers and threats of the outside world.

 I hope you will not so much find new information in this book as remember yourself. For this, I strongly insist that the first time you read the book sequentially, chapter by chapter. That you will re-read it in places, I have no doubt.

 Welcome to your body!

  Attention! This book is not for those who sincerely believe in omnipotent medicine or God's punishment for their sins. "According to your faith, be it to you."


Chapter 1 You are not the body.

 All the difficulties with body control are connected with two points.

  1. 1. You consider yourself a body, and therefore you cannot accept what is your “I”, which gives commands and there is “you-body”, which obeys them.

  2. 2. You are in the grip of the belief that your body is some kind of chemical mechanism, a biological robot, programmed from the outside.

 If you have found your own answer to the question "Who am I?", you probably already realized that you are not your body. You've run it through your experience, so you don't need outside evidence. Perhaps you have even learned to create vibrations of a healthy body and ...

 Well, let's be honest - experience shows that people are too lazy to consistently do exercises to improve the body day after day precisely because they do not feel responsible for their body inside. Chances are you're one of the 90% of all sloths who practice something "new" for a week and then go back to their old habits of ignoring their bodies.

 Where does laziness come from to deal with the body? From a simple habit of thinking that the body is you.


 Look at it this way. Let's say your body is your most beloved person. The most dear and close, the very one without which it is even difficult for you to breathe. And all you need is to take care of him - well, feed, water, entertain ...   Are you ready to take care of your loved one?

 Are you ready to take care of yourself? Here's the thing - you will cherish your loved one to the detriment of yourself. And you identify yourself with the body. Separate yourself from the body, recognize your body as a beloved being, your loved ones will not be harmed. You can love both mom and dad and children equally as you can love your body. All that is stopping you is the delusion that you are the body.

 You are not the body, you are the eternal Creator! You have taken this body and it is your duty to take care of it. Otherwise, you simply betray him, considering the body to be yourself and leaving it to "circumstances." It’s not a pity to sacrifice yourself, right?

 Your body is your favorite person! You can only take care of other people as much as you have taken care of yourself.


 Otherwise… otherwise you will force other people to do it for you. What a funny paradox - ignoring your body is a spit in the direction of your loved ones.


 Are you doing this with your body, justifying yourself by caring for others? And also think, don’t any of your illnesses become a bad event in the lives of loved ones? Are you creating trouble for them with your laziness in relation to your body?

 Reading this book, you will shift your point of view so much that looking back you will wonder how you could not see such simple things in yourself before. Namely: you are the creator of your body, you could always recreate it at will, and diseases are your simple omission, inattention to yourself. This is not your fault, just typical mass hypnosis.

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