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Energies of December 10, 2023. Welcome!

Today, December 10th, a calibration has been launched on the planet. The pulse of the Earth is being tuned with the pulse of the Galaxy in a new octave. Higher planetary frequencies are being anchored. Technically, the stabilization of the new frequency should be completed by the 12th (the date is a symbol of a collective agreement).

In the picture is what I came across in the mountains today.Lee, Karpaty December 10th

lee обзор 10 декабря 2023
Lee, Karpaty December 10th

For people, this means a period of “feeling a bit strange” caused by a failure of mental programs. The failure occurs due to a phase transition in the frequency of body as a whole and brain in particular. You can imagine this as an expansion of the range of perception, in which a more in-depth picture is revealed.

Like converting a flat picture into a three-dimensional one. Physically, you may also experience some difficulties with the nervous system, and cardiovascular. Different rhythms require some adjustment.

  Much of this work will happen in your sleep. So, if you feel like it, take a nap during the day... Someone may have been surprised that they had difficulty waking up today. Do not be surprised. To put it simply, your thoughts can become confused and your body may feel weak.

All that is worth “undertaking” here is to allow yourself to let in the expansion of consciousness and not try to look for problems in the body. Everything is well!

In a couple of days you will automatically stabilize, some will discover new connections in your DNA, some will feel a surge of fresh strength, some will trigger a radical renewal in the body - energy of a higher frequency. Everything is well!

Stay close to nature and water as much as possible. At least pet a cat, water the flower on the windowsill, drink a glass or two of water, stay in the shower a bit longer than usual.

A wave of transformation will pass through the collective consciousness these days. After its passage, the general planetary frequency plane is activated. Uniting people on a subconscious level.

The egregors, thought-forms, of the three-dimensional world get into antiphase with this united Consciousness of Humanity and the Earth and begin to fade out.

Everything is well! Accept it within yourself! And “outside” you are supported by the Earth.


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