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Frequency Forecast from lee for April 2024

April is the month of clarity. It combines two elements. On the one hand, there is clarity about “what I don’t want,” and on the other, insight into one’s own preferences.

Forecast from lee for April 2024
Forecast from lee for April 2024

This is a month of contrasting polarity of perception of 3D reality at the current frequency. At the top, or what could be “perceived as top”, there is the frequency ceiling that humanity has reached at the present moment. It reveals the best qualities of this civilization. Below, all the garbage that our activities produce is clearly visible.


This is approximately the same principle as when the light goes on in a dark room, dust and dirt on the floor immediately become evident, although in the twilight it seemed that the place was quite clean. But now the lights are on and the need for a clean-up is obvious.


Now, looking with a clear gaze from above, people begin to realize that they themselves have created their dark sides, and recognize it as unacceptable. This is how the understanding of “what I don’t want” manifests itself - not as denial and anger, but as a reassessment of the general state of affairs. Furthermore, many people will receive impulse insights, also from a higher level. These are something like beacons indicating which direction to move next.


Such messages will carry multidimensional qualities of another consciousness, containing complex solutions. It's not just about ideas on how to correct the past that begin to penetrate into the collective awareness, but rather holistic alternatives for building a different world. We can say that this is the beginning of sketching a new civilization's blueprint, outlines of the future.


As a result, when you raise your head from the theme “what I don’t want,” you are immediately presented with visions of “how it could be otherwise.” What is particular about this shift is that in this process there’s no “intermediary stage of corrections.” It is perceived as a leap into another world with different rules of the game, the creation of different mechanics in collective processes.


An important element of this period is the energy of the Earth. The planet is already exhibiting frequencies of evolutionary renewal. And people's bodies feel it. The northern hemisphere's spring cycle literally glows with renewed energy. Therefore, now more than ever it is useful to focus on unity with Nature.


Even at the level of solving everyday issues, it is now easier for you to receive answers coming from planetary energy. It acts like a switch between qualities. As soon as you stop near a flowering tree and inhale its scent or listen to the birds singing, insights on a topic that interests you will appear, seemingly from thin air. And your mind may be quite surprised that its logic becomes less in demand when searching for solutions - because you get used to receiving them instantly and without stress.


Don't ignore the energies of the Earth. They hide answers that are not found in the crowds and in closed spaces full of “artificial light”. Take it literally like this: need a solution – go out into the fresh air.


 You can also start from the opposite: “Why don’t I see a solution”? - “Because you spend too little time in nature.”


When insights come to you, do not dismiss them as something “overly good” beyond reach. On the contrary, the “weirder” your idea, the more consistent it is with future events. This makes it also the period of emergence of new creative directions in art, breakthroughs in technology, and discoveries in science. And in the “lower range” - this is the time of revelations and unveiling of various secrets and conspiracies.


However, don't keep your eyes glued to the bottom - why should you look at the details of the garbage? Take concepts of the future. After all, opportunities for the most powerful potentials are now being revealed. The planet is giving you energy on a level that humans have never experienced before.


This period means a change in quality. Grinding old thoughts has no power in it - you will only return to specifying what you do not want to see. That is, the use of old energy will perpetually bring you back to the question - what is it that I do not want? Give yourself an answer to it and move forward.


Accept flashes of insight more often, they are your strength and your joyful future. But remember - these flashes may be very unusual and still unfamiliar, so do not dismiss them because they are “fantastical.” On the contrary, it is a sign of the right direction of thought.



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