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Frequency Forecast from lee for May 2024

Updated: Apr 30

In May we witness sudden sprouting of many variants of a new reality. In the midst of turmoil and chaotic events accompanying the destruction of the old world, the shoots of completely different phenomena suddenly appear.

Vibrational forecast from lee for May 2024
forecast from lee for May 2024

Each individual episode seems quite random and insignificant, but when combined, they form an entire pattern of a new world. Together they act as a stable network that connects thousands of micro-events into one macro-phenomenon.

One sprout can be ignored, crushed and even erased from perception, but when so many of them show themselves at the same time, their significance becomes self-evident.

In collective events, this will manifest itself as activities of small organizations, in statements made by the “second-in-charge” or some insider information that shatters fixed paradigms. This is the time of manifestation of the small, which was previously the background for the large ones.

It can also be a time of a fall, or so-called “shame”, for top officials of countries, corporations and various organizations. Not a direct event, but an indirect signal of their weakness, inadequacy or absurdity of their function. Perhaps this will even be expressed in something funny or weird, like when microphone falls out of one’s hands or getting bird droppings on the head.

Small incidents will create a strong echo of consequences. In these incidents, people will begin to detect the manifestation of their own personal power in large-scale phenomena. This is something like a greeting from your Higher Self, hinting you that your voice has been taken into account and is already being carried out in the outside world.

May will generously gift you plenty of new hints on how to proceed. These will not be necessarily direct paths, but an invitation to consider a project, explore a new direction, meet new people. From all sides, something may appear and attract your attention. And although this may seem like a very superficial event, nevertheless, it can later develop into something on a large scale.

May is the tip of the iceberg in the distance. But when you get closer to it, you will see that the iceberg is now blocking the entire horizon, and its base is indestructible. May is the formation of spokes in the wheel of the cycle, making a turn to reach a new level of evolution.

This month it will be appropriate to join some project, some field or area of activity, a society that you know and experiece as bringing joy to you personally and to people in general. Something that may still seem insignificant and maybe funny. What you may first consider to be a hobby can later turn out to be the main trend of your life.

Therefore, during this period it is better not to rely on accurate calculations according to proven schemes. We can rather use our intuition, healthy passion, excitement and everything that will resonate with the energy of joy in our experience.

Think of May as an invitation to take part in a new and fun game. The teams for the games are assembling, the rules are announced, and the playgrounds are being prepared.


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