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Frequency Forecast from lee for March 2024

March promises to be a very energetic and controversial month. On the one hand, there come external upheavals, and on the other, an opportunity to get proof of the personal power of non-involvement. One can compare it to how a lighthouse stands in the midst of a storm, monumentally erected and ready for any weather.

вибрационный прогноз от lee на март 2024 года
Forecast from lee for March 2024

So, the month itself is already charged with powerful events that can shake society, but those people who have realized their own personal responsibility for their lives are even more powerful. For you, this is something like testing your abilities to remain who you are, without going down along other people's frequencies.

This is not a probe or a test of strength. You are stronger than ever. It is rather a time period when everyone can safely face fear. You learn to observe without getting involved, to help without despair, to sympathize without grief, and even to show compassion without suffering, using only the feeling of Love.

As you go through this period, you gain practical knowledge of what you have previously known in theory. So, it is one thing to meditate in a quiet place, and another thing to go out and look people in the eye. It is also about allowing others to make their choices as they see them.

When you remain stable in your feeling of Love, while observing that other people radiate negative vibrations, you are thereby sending them a signal - “here is a place that will reflect only light to you.”

Accept that until you become the source of Love for other people and the planet as a whole, there’s simply no one who will do it for you. But when you maintain your high frequency time and again, observing negative external situations, you will see those who do the same. Possibly, you will be surprised at how many people are already willing to maintain a state of Love in response to external fear. Perhaps, these will be people, whom you could not have even imagined of doing so, but here they are!

Have people changed or have you moved to a new branch of reality? There's no difference. Others may also say that they did not expect such inner strength from you. Oh, well, then let there be mutual surprise - it’s more fun, isn’t it?

So, in March the first significant potentials of the whole year will show itself. This includes natural disasters, solar messages in the form of flares, resonant news from people, and peak activities in society. It’s better to treat this as a demonstration performance - they show you, and you just observe. And even more, you observe yourself, observe your reaction.

Your reaction will completely determine how your life will unfold itself this year. For two months now, people have been warily looking around - what will this year be like? The way March turns out, this is how the whole year will be like for you.

After all, if you have accumulated positive potential and start using it now, then your year will become a total unlocking of your potential. The Sun will give you the energy of renewal, external events will clear the way for your personal realization, the Earth will refresh you with spring days and will constantly nourish you, increasing the intensity and your vitality.

Use the intensity of this time to develop your best qualities. And remember that now you yourself begin to support others. You become the one reflecting the best there is on the planet. Therefore, consider March as the month that marks the start of your personal responsibility for the events of the Earth.

The more responsibility you take, the more ability to influence global events will come to you in response. Now you are showing yourself how much you can be trusted with these abilities. Well, go ahead and show it!


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