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Frequency forecast from lee for February 2024

Updated: Feb 1

In the collective energies of February, there is an effect of accumulation of expectations, which implies a less action, but a significant increase in internal tension.

People are starting to look around more and more, as if asking “what’s next”? Some look at government organizations, others at their loved ones, and others at themselves.

прогноз lee на февраль 2024 года
forecast from lee for February 2024

The interesting thing about this is that the power of each person lies within himself/herself, but many, out of habit, will look for some “reliable” image in order to hand in power over themselves. Something like “who will take responsibility for me and lead me to a future bright”?


Have no doubt, there are those who are interested and they are already preparing their proposals. Thus, the world's manipulators approve the “news plan” for the quarter ahead. Already today on their list there is what will turn out to be a “shocking sensation”, “extraordinary event”, “breaking news”, “unexpected incident” scheduled for February 11, March 14, April 5 and other exact dates.


These planned news items are designed to attract the attention of billions of people, sow fear and make them turn their pleading eyes to the rulers. The goal of manipulation is to install “old and proven” order as the only way to hide from the chaos of an unstable world.


But until you yourself transfer power over yourself, it cannot be gained from the outside. In this way many people will turn the expectation towards themselves, feeling the absurdity of the situation. After all, they already recognize those “rakes” laid out in a friendly manner. Is it really worth stepping on them yet again just because the news recommends doing so?


So, you accumulate your internal energy, putting into it how you personally will see the world. And it's not just energy, it's images and experiences that you personally have to deal with.


So look at it this way – it doesn’t matter how the outside world manifests itself, because what you get as a result is not flags, bonuses, discounts and vouchers, but it is what you feel, what you experience. The feelings that you are sending out now you will also receive as feelings later, but multiplied by ten.



  It's easy to understand. For example, you think about your free time, which you spend in a pleasant company. As a result, you get a lot of freedom in your actions, a lot of nice people, a lot of joy from your leisure time. How exactly this will happen against the backdrop of mass events is not that important if you personally have paid attention to joy.


Remember that it is your feelings that manifest themselves, not specific plans. Therefore, think for yourself - after all, no one else can invent feelings for you. Not a friend, not a spouse, not an enemy, not a king, not all the angels combined. That is why your power always belongs only to you - it is realized through your feelings.


And so what you feel and experience keep accumulating. The potential is growing and growing. What will you do with it - transfer it to the outside, obeying the background news, or choose to manage your reality yourself.

Stable and familiar “rake” or freedom to choose your reality? That's the question of February.



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