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Frequency forecast from lee for August 2023

August promises to be very hot as well as being a turning point. Its vibrations contain lightning splitting the worlds and brightening the hidden patterns within society and each person in particular.

During this period, right in your heart, you discover a certain line that separates your past views and your future. You will see things within you that you have turned away from. You in high-vibrational state will look at you at low vibrations.

You will not like much about yourself, much can cause anger at yourself and feelings of guilt for the mistakes made earlier. But seeing the negative does not mean choosing it. This lesson human beings have to go through, using themselves as a working tool.

Previously, a similar challenge was put up regarding other people and some conclusions have been drawn, while others have been pushed to the background. But now that you have to look at yourself, you won’t be able to turn away and stop halfway again. This energy is of a kind that you will want to see it through to the end.

Seeing your dark side is one of the most difficult challenges in life. And trust yourself, you are ready to do it. Know that this time only comes when enough maturity is there. And now the time has come!

Here's what happens next.

The world splits inside a person, forming a clear boundary between two or more realities - one of the worlds will have to be left behind or create parallel branches, to be present in them as different versions of your personality. In the case of creating parallels, after August you may have visions or dreams about how your “double” lives in the world you left behind. In such visions, you can also discern what events are happening in the other world.

Collective events will also follow different paths. First, a break, and then a stratification into different versions of the Universes. For integral structures, this will mean activation of internal contradictions. And when conflict is already there, literal, real events will begin to occur, accelerating the battles of contradictions. That is, within the various circles and communities, previously hidden differences will become visible, and people will appear on the stage, personifying them in action. The time has come for those who were previously in the shadows, but are now ripe for action.

These processes in August may not have signs of a clear victory of one of the parties, since the energies of the month are more directed towards marking the boundaries that hide the dark sides of people.

But later, outdated concepts will be collected in one branch of reality, and progressive ones in another. In each world, corresponding parts will remain, and the opposite parts will fall out in whole layers. And instead of some kind of battle between darkness and light, there will be something like the dissolution of one of the parties or a cascading collapse of false truths.

If your fists are clenched and you crave strong emotions from battles, you may be drawn to that branch of reality where your dark side will storm at you. Therefore, realize that the first line of demarcation goes in and through your heart, and not through external events. Take this into account, demanding just revenge for the evil created outside. Your demand will be met initially in your personal reality, and literally in your body.

Think about if you are prepared for this. Do you need those storms within you? After all, collective processes are usually more inert than personal ones. Therefore, those wishing to look at collective dramas will first have to go through their own, and then plunge into a mixture of both.

The most important thing that every person can do is to recognize their own negative attitudes in order to accept them as an integral part of themselves, and then let them go without judgment. Don't fight negativity, don't fix it, don't even forgive yourself, but let go. Let them go, because you have recognized their work as completed and you are no longer interested in them.

What may be new for you is that this time the negativity will not hide inside you. Your awareness does not need strength to fight, consciousness itself is the light that excludes darkness. What you see in yourself will lose power over you. And that's enough. Internal struggle is not needed.

That which is no longer your definition of yourself will begin to move further and further away. This you will observe later in the outside world.

In the following months, you may be surprised to find out that many of the negative reactions in you have disappeared after August. In many cases, this will also mean that some painful symptoms in the body also disappeared.

You can call it a miracle of spontaneous healing, but the essence of such healing will be precisely in recognizing the negative in yourself and then letting go of it. Recognition does not mean approval.

Recognition means integrity.

Wholeness means Unity.

Unity is the frequency of the One.

The frequency of One activates Love.

Love means equal attitude towards perfection and imperfection. Equal attitude to perfect and imperfect allows the mind to see Consciousness. When the mind sees its Consciousness, it realizes its nature - the ability to make a free choice.

And after going through all this, you get access to complete freedom of a conscious choice.

Such freedom gives you access to the opportunity to realize the main postulate of Being: "Everything is possible"!

The energies of August are a step towards receiving or, more precisely, claiming one's true Power. Take this step, make your choice. Energies have already turned on, on the full moon they will work at full strength.


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