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Frequency Forecast from lee for November 2023

November – is the month of going past the point of no return. November events close the road to the former way of life. Doors shut, the train departs.

At the collective level, people have long chosen scenarios in which large-scale critical events should occur, pushing all of humanity to shift to new types of energies.

A delay is no longer possible, since the Planet itself is already in the process of ascension. No matter how esoteric it may seem, in fact these are very clearcut physical processes underlying the movement of energies. All this can be understood as a change in the parameters of Time. That is, time itself, as a certain measurement unit, acquires new qualities in the space, that the entire Solar system is moving to. The paradoxes that have recently emerged in astrophysics are proof of this. And there will be more and more of them.

New time parameters require people to make a choice - either switch to higher frequencies or leave this planet. High frequencies are a feeling of connection with the Source, which on a collective level implies recognition of We Are One. For, seeing your own connection with the Source, you see the same in others. In this way, people’s perception accelerates so much that Oneness moves from a hypothesis and mystical insights into the category of facts obvious to everyone.

In order to come to this realization in individual minds at a collective level, several scenarios have been developed to accelerate the process of attaining unity. One of the scenarios is the threat of total destruction of everybody.

The threat itself forces us to reconsider everything that seemed normal. Review and create other development paths.

The idea of fighting fire with fire seemed to be the norm. That is, everyone was ok with the idea that violence could be dealt with by using violence. And so civilization unwounded this spiral until we came to the peak of absurdity, when nice people sit in expensive suits and calmly discuss the types of violence acceptable for a “civilized society.”

And the second part of this “norm” is dictatorship of the winners. That is, first we will destroy the enemy, along with “acceptable collateral damage” in the form of the lives of thousands and thousands of children, then we will clear out those who disagree, and then we will establish our order, in which we will teach the rest to march to our anthem in formation.

Both of these “norms” are crumbling. None of them has validity anymore, since the absurdity of this state of affairs becomes clear to everyone. The threat of destruction of the entire civilization will show the need for universal one-ness, and this will subsequently neutralize all plans of existing and potential dictatorships.

In November, these processes are being launched and will begin to seep into different societies, different countries. This infiltration will occur on a subconscious level, causing people to have unusual reactions to familiar things. For example, anger and feelings of revenge will begin to give way to feelings of compassion, reverence for leaders will be replaced by indifference to their personalities.

On a personal level, during this period people may experience an intense sense like “this is the end.” However, this is not the end of everything, it is the end of the old paradigm of life. As soon as you become interested in how else society can be organized society, how you can look at your life differently, unimaginable prospects will open up to you. It's like playing table football, and then going out to the sports field and finding yourself on a real playing ground - shock and some loss of orientation. But then you begin to learn what you can do in such open spaces, and chasing a table ball on the soccer grass field is simply ridiculous.

And so, through an external crisis, we are approaching the end of various games in 3D format. If you accept this with gratitude to the players for agreeing to be in the thick of things, then you will quickly receive confirmation that the crisis has passed. Those who find themselves drawn into anger and rejection will later learn about themselves that it’s they who are these players who have blocked themselves from moving to higher frequencies.

For them, of course, there is a transition, but not here and not at this time. Here they serve other people in such a harsh way. Be grateful to them and move on.

These events were agreed upon by everyone in advance. Just know that everything is going according to the plan you have approved. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. You just have to decide for yourself which role you play - those who serve as an example of that which is passing or you are an example of a human of the new era.

Any decision you make is honored and respected by the entire Being.


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