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Frequency Forecast from lee for October 2023

In October, people of Earth go through a period of reaction. This is a response to new feelings of freedom. The reaction of those who try to keep others under their control, and the reaction of everyone to their own thoughts based on fear, resurfacing from the past.

Frequency Forecast from lee for October 2023
Frequency Forecast from lee for October 2023

October acts as a kind of a grey zone of bidding farewell to the old and preparing for the next step forward. There is a possibility of many tiny but bright events that flare up suddenly and, just as suddenly, go out. News item after news item may change the daily picture to such an extent that in one week the world could plunge either into fears of an impending cataclysm, or into the celebration of the present day, or into amazement at the accomplishment of something incredible, unpredicted by anyone.

Emotional ups and downs could be distinctive of this month, since hope and anxiety will go hand in hand. Your reactions to what happens will provoke you either to accelerate, or to stop, either race, or rest. What makes the situation even graver is the experience of quickening time. That is, even where calmness appears at first, impatience will later follow - the feeling of time acceleration will find you in any situation.

In addition, the governments of different countries and news channels will generate too diverse a background. The same event will be interpreted both as a blessing and as a disaster at the same time, and the source data of the event might be fake in both cases. They will try to agree on the general rules of the game, but as soon as a certain status quo is achieved, one of the sides will immediately break it.

The thing is that due to time distortions, it will sometimes be difficult for people in society to adhere to the general rules of the game. Someone will constantly fall out of the “agenda” due to some lost letters, notifications, or simply due to being late to an event. The processes, where people with different vibrational levels are involved, get desynchronized. In fact, it has been going on for quite some time, but the acceleration in October will significantly intensify it, which makes it more obvious for everyone.

You can turn the events to your benefit if you keep centered in Yourself, staying in the experience of Here and Now. In this case, you, like the axis of a pendulum, will observe the external swing, while remaining in peace and in a balanced state of harmony.

Remember that in this state nothing can disturb you, you are inviolable and fully protected by your own field of choice. And here it will appear to you in all its glory, since the slightest movement of your thought can be clearly observed in an external event. It's like driving at a very high speed, when the slightest movement of the steering wheel causes a significant deviation in direction.

In October grounding and centering can teach you in a very short time how to manage your energy. After all, what previously took ten years to learn, could now be mastered in one year, or even in a single month. At the same time, there will be an increase in plasticity of the neutron networks of the human brain, which science will soon notice, but for now it would be seen as some new discovery, previously unknown to scientists, and not at all as a result of the evolutionary process.

Also, scientific research will reveal serious inconsistencies with old paradigms. For example, the recent definition of "junk DNA" will be rendered obsolete as clues are uncovered about the mathematical proof of genome’s holographic options. In other words, an identical image to everything happening in the Cosmos will also be observed in the DNA. That is, the famous sacred principle “as above, so below” will be revealed in science. Later, vibrational connections between body cells, organs and... cosmic phenomena will also be discovered. However, it is unlikely that it will be announced widely for now; these are probably the prospects of the coming years, rather than months.

Thus, October is a reaction to desynchronization with the old and attunement to the new. Make sure that your frequency is as high as possible to smooth out this process and benefit from it in the best possible way. Remember also that the outside world can only influence you when you yourself refuse to choose and agree to believe in other people's stories. Go for your own beautiful story about yourself. This is very easy to do and it will become your main superpower during this period.


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