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Frequency forecast from lee for September 2023

The main trend of the month is freedom! The frequencies reveal that in the collective consciousness a balance is achieved between manipulation and freedom of expression.

In September, the world comes to this point of balance and gradually the ability to choose begins to outweigh the idea of imposing someone else's will from the outside. Actually, this is a very, very significant event that is related to the events of the last 12 thousand years.

We are talking about the end of a period of mass hibernation in Kali Yuga, in which people spinelessly agreed with the collective will. And, accordingly, someone constantly tried to saddle this collective will in order to carry out their own manipulations.

In public affairs, new energies create a wide field for bringing different schemes to light. This also applies to power structures, and economic entities, and various “hobby clubs”, which can reveal the hidden personal interests of their organizers.

The ruling parties may find themselves at the center of the scandal because of some revealing materials, statistical data in economics of different countries may basically show fictitious values. The doors are open for such leaks, generally speaking, in any collective phenomenon. At the same time, the main emphasis will be placed not even on “revealing the truth”, but on showing the interested parties in these processes.

The manipulators will be in the spotlight of the press, and the shadow structures will battle each other, thereby showing the public their real intentions. In fact, this is the beginning of the collapse of many types of propaganda, including those where people did not even realize that they firmly believed in ideals that were made up, invented “out of thin air” and built solely for the sake of private gain.

All this will create turmoil in people’s minds. Some will cling to their beliefs even in full view of their absurdity, but many will feel the so-called "spirit of change". After all, the very frequency of freedom of choice will constantly suggest that the slumber is over and call consciousness to wakefulness.

And so, in private life, people will feel something like an expanded space that needs to be filled. Where previously egregorial programs of a collective mind automatically switched on, there will space for the frequency of I AM (the Higher Self). Which will lead to the desire to revise existing concepts and divert attention from the usual channels of information.

An important realization of the month will be the realization that you have always been free, but you have been choosing ... exactly that, CHOOSING to obey someone else's opinion, someone else's manipulation, external concepts and negative beliefs. And when you experience it, you will really feel freedom - you will understand that previously you were breathing as it were at half strength, as if afraid to disturb something external by breathing fully.

But now your space of choice will begin to expand exponentially, offering you more and more options for action in different areas of life. You are about to see an expanded version of yourself taking charge of your reality.

Realize also that you yourself will have to abandon the tactics of manipulating other people. This, too, may be a shocking discovery. After all, you will see how you yourself often created feigned reactions to the behaviour of loved ones in order to arouse in them some kind of feelings for you, to coax them into agreeing with your choice.

In such manipulations, you can see your own hidden negative beliefs. And then you can see that all of them have been creating repeating cycles of extended stories in which all characters have been constantly making the same mistakes that took energy from their relationship. As a result, you looked at a loved one as if they were furniture, not feeling his or her feelings, and you yourself were not creating anything exciting.

But the most important thing about this realization will be that you will find out that by your own manipulations you have been blocking yourself, cutting off the flow of personal creativity and your own renewal. Including the renewal of your body. Therefore, such awareness will also give you an impulse to rejuvenate and suddenly get rid of some dysfunctions in the body.

The energies of September bring us to a balance between freedom and manipulation. However, the choice of freedom is for you to make. The process of this choice is awaiting you, which will manifest itself for you in one form or another. Decide - to be free or to stay in manipulation a little longer ... which means to be the one who is manipulated by others. Remember that this always works both ways simultaneously. You will not be able to take a halfway position.

Whether you believe it or not, you'll find out soon enough. You are already free now for such a test of yourself. You are free and have always been free, even when you thought that someone controlled you. But it was nothing more than your opinion - the opinion of a free person about how unfree he / she is. What do you think of yourself now?


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