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Vibration forecast from lee for July 2023

The launch of a new cycle of life of the entire civilization has begun. And now the planet resembles a large kitchen after a banquet, where preparations for the new feast have already started.

In this "kitchen" there is plenty of dirty dishes, leftovers and withering vegetables. However, cleaning has started, a new team of cooks has arrived and fresh groceries are being delivered.

прогноз от lee на июль 2023
прогноз от lee на июль 2023

This way, vibrations of the month contain both the process of elimination of consequences of turbulent events and the process of preparing for the next occasion. To a casual observer, this state of affairs may seem chaotic, but in fact everything is neatly organized and the work on the venue is in full swing - cleaning up the traces of the past and preparing for the future at the same time.

In July, the collective processes on the planet are synchronized so that some people are engaged in renewal, while others are involved in cleaning the mess. It feels like layering of streams of events - each layer moving along its own vector.

On the one hand, old structures are falling apart, and any attempts to put them back together only accelerate their demolition. Every decision within the framework of maintaining the old organization will lead to its collapse. More action only speeds up the cleaning process, and does not restore the past at all.

In turn, new leaders and new organizations are being formed. Their power grows exponentially and their alliances grow stronger. Decisions of the leaders of the new time may seem strange, but fair winds are blowing for them and the framework of new creations is already beginning to take shape. These are processes of another flow of events. Any slight effort therein would increase the effect of the future result in a snowball effect.

These two currents will follow their own rhythms and develop in their own stages. They look as if they exist separately and are not particularly interested in each other's events. One is spring, the other is autumn. In one stream, hurricanes sweep away everything in their path, in the other - fresh rain is irrigating crops.

On the personal level, similar dynamics will also show itself. Some of your old decisions and long-term events will begin to crumble, while the other part will receive simply fantastic support “from above”. You will feel this "from above" in the form of optimism and inspiration to create something extraordinary in your reality.

In July, it will be appropriate to complete what you have been dragging along for a long time. Look around carefully - what has been haunting you forever, what decisions have you been putting off, what old trash is better to get rid of? Strictly speaking, the best solution would be to throw out all that is faded and touched by rot in order to clear space for renewal. The more junk you throw away, the more energy you can get for changes.

However, the most important thing will be to realize in which process you are currently investing your energy. After all, it doesn’t matter with what strength you row against the current of a mountain river - you will be surely carried downstream anyway. No matter how skilfully you are steering the boat, if you head into a storm, you will be overtaken by storm waves.

That is to say, being too involved in the processes of "cleaning the kitchen" can fill you to such an extent that you will not see anything but garbage. But you do not have to do the cleaning work, you can choose another activity. After all, another team of cooks has already started working in the background behind you. Everyone there is excitedly discussing recipes for the upcoming feast and testing fresh products.

Pay attention to incoming events, accounts of new products testing, discussion about innovations, reports on new discoveries, new technologies, new types of business. Certain trends are emerging in this very moment that will overshadow all known trends in the next decade.

Right now, people are watching news in the background and do not even understand how these “side notes” will soon turn the whole world upside down. You are looking at phenomenal things. Just shift your focus a little and you'll see what a great game you have started playing.


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