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Vibration forecast from lee for June 2023

June manifests vibrations of opening. The veil of secrets, hidden motives, limiting beliefs is being lifted.

Energy barriers seem to burst this month, no longer capable to contain high-frequency information. Something similar to a rupture of a butterfly’s cocoon, signalling that it has ceased to be a caterpillar. Or a crack in the eggshell of a chick that hatched to become a bird, and now the egg no longer sets boundaries of its former world.

Many people will encounter a paradigm shift in their lives. Something will happen in their perception, comparable to climbing a mountain from which they can look around and see their past and present from above. After crawling in low dales for a long time reviewing one’s life through the thicket of beliefs such a bird's-eye view will seem something fantastic and could initially cause suspicion.

Therefore, in some people June can cause a hefty reaction of resistance to what for others seem to be an obvious truth. After all, almost all types of collective values will be called into question. In fact, it is not that someone's truth will be more truthful, but the very foundation of these truthful truths will begin to shake. And here it will be necessary not only to simply get acquainted with the truth, but rather to re-educate oneself of the way to arrive to this truth.

So this is also a time of manifestation of new teachers who will be able to find the right words to, and, so to speak, raise the level of those who are falling behind. We are talking about thousands of different people around the world who will bring light to billions of others. It is also an update of the very concept of the Teacher from the plane of “the one telling dogmas” to the position of “the one bringing light”.

Also, those who consider themselves "advanced masters" today will feel the impulse to manifest higher truths. They will have to readjust their views in order to see things of a higher order.

That is, some will rise to mountain heights to see their home and their city from above, while others will go into space to look differently at the entire planet.

In this way, we are not talking about some kind of dominance of one knowledge over another - this is a time to review ourselves at expanded levels. The higher your level, the higher you will see your next ceiling...


But some of you will go even further. You can feel that there is a whole void above you and there is no ceiling at all, no hierarchy, no usual systems, no restrictions, not even principles to build limits by. This will be the greatest revelation of truth that may take a long time for you to realize. After all, such a perception has no past experience, no instruction books, no formalized knowledge, no skills. Not on the Earth you know, but on the one that will reveal itself ...

Therefore, June is also a vibrational basis for uncovering of ancient knowledge that was available to past civilizations, both Earth residents and "guests of the planet."

This disclosure takes place not in the sense of people somehow getting mature for the great secrets, the meaning is precisely in the vibrational correspondence to this knowledge. In the same way how a person grows up and sees what lies on top of the cupboard, sees all this effortlessly and without additional aid, like a chair or stepladder. When he was a child, this view was unavailable due to his short stature, his parents used it to hide from him all sorts of things, like sweets, cigarettes or pills. And now it's time to grow up and reveal the hidden.

So, you grow up and various secrets are revealed to you without effort on your part. You just look at them and bam - you realize that this has always been there and that these are unusually simple things, and not at all convoluted and complicated secrets. This is the manifestation of a new level of perception - the simplicity and accessibility of knowledge of any kind. And since everything is available, you just have to choose your type of information, which you can then expand for yourself.

The time of secrets is replaced by the time of preferences. Secrets as such are leaving humanity. This concept is beginning to wear off at its very core. Perhaps you will even get sad because there will be no secrets and only preferences left in the world. But this is the basic paradigm of 4th density and higher.

And, of course, there is a big confusion in the collective consciousness - secrets are revealed, which means that people start seeing the “kings without clothes”. Therefore, in June there is a potential for huge scandals and upheavals in consciousness. Usually, this causes strong indignation, turning into protest movements. And then this can be expressed in the reputation loss of power structures and various manipulators.

In cases where people rely on low vibrations, a battle between the manipulators themselves is imminent, as well as the squabbling spiders in the jar of power. After all, their energies interact at their own frequencies. These processes may not in any way intersect with what happens at higher frequencies, where knowledge that serves people is being revealed. Therefore, different processes will dominate in different social groups.

In June be aware of the very fact of accessibility of infinite knowledge and the need to learn to work with it. Be aware that other people will go through this period at their level. You needn’t necessarily pay attention to other people's battles if you want to gain knowledge of a higher frequency. Accept that coming out of the darkness of delusion is different from the process of being part of the infinite knowledge.

The world of secrets is collapsing and your awareness is growing. Use it in the highest form of joy, then you won’t have to frantically rush between what you want to know and what you want to prove to others. Everything will reveal itself and unfold itself towards everyone exactly according to their vibrational frequency.


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